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Choosing a reliable locksmith in London can be disheartening, predominantly at night time. You want someone trustworthy, someone, you know who is going to turn up on time and complete the work quickly and professionally.  Having worked in the locksmith industry for many years now, there are no circumstances that we have not faced…. we are confident we can help!

We have locksmiths based in London, Manchester & Birmingham operating 24 hours a day, so no matter what time it is we are always on call to help. Whatever the task whether you require a new lock or new keys, maybe your UPVC mechanisms has broken and you need new ones installed. On the other hand, you may need to install CCTV to protect your business. Whatever your security need we can help. All of our locksmiths are fully trained in every aspect of the locksmith field.

We can also provide access control and alarm systems. For more information please call our Locksmith Shop – 020 8302 9005

Why Call ITCC Locksmiths

For your peace of mind and security our locksmiths are DBS (formerly CRB) checked.

All of our locksmiths are fully trained in the Locksmith Service and security field. They have many years experience and have encountered every situation under the varied locksmith umbrella.

We can competently and efficiently deal with lockouts, lock change/replacements boarding doors and/or windows, to name just a few of our Locksmith Services.

We have locksmiths based all over London & Manchester but are based in Sidcup.  Our team of Locksmiths can easily able to reach local areas of South London such as DartfordLewisham and Bromley within 30 minutes. We also have mobile locksmiths covering the capital so when you need a craftsman, we will always try to be with you in approximately 30 minutes or so. No matter where you just give us a call.

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Security Advice 

ITCC Locksmiths over the last 12 years have built up a wealth of knowledge and this includes on simple and easy to follow advice on how you can keep  your home safe and the burglars out. 

UPVC Doors are fitted to many homes in the UK. UPVC doors are extremely resistant to forceful attacks due to the multi point locking system. However they are prone to a number of techniques criminals use to gain access to your home. 

Hooking : This simply involves putting  a hook through the letter box to push the handle down.

Fishing: This involves putting a hook through the letter box in order to grab keys left near the door. 

Door Popping: Door Popping involves placing an air cushion in between the door then getting something like a spade sticking it in the gap made by the air cushion then using the leverage to literally pop the door open. 

This can be simply overcome by locking your door with the keys as this prohibits the mutlipoint systerm from unlocking with a key. 

Wooden doors are fitted to many homes and our locksmiths knows how vulnerable these doors can be to forceful attacks as well as bypassing. We recommend installing a London and Birmingham bar to your door, this dramatically increases the doors ability to withstand a brute force attack. 

Furthermore when people leave their home they tend not to lock their doors as they presume the door locks itself. This is incorrect as the door is reliant on the latch, which generally tends to be a rim lock. Rim locks can easily be bypassed with the right know how.  People generally don’t lock their bottom lock which is usually a deadlock and extremely difficult to bypass, we always recommend locking your deadlock. By doing so you increase the security of your door considerable. 

Simple behavioural changes can decrease the chance of a burglary substantially. For example by closing your curtains it stops potential thieves from seeing the contents of your home.  

Another simple change you can make is to close your windows when you leave your home and at night. If closign you 

Another simple way to prevent being burgled is to install a home safe to store money, jewellery, important documents and laptops in this will protect your most precious items if the worst was to happen. . 

Thives often target peoples gardens and sheds as they can contain quite valuable and easily to sell contents. Such as bikes, gardening tools, power tools.  Here are a few of our tips on how to better protect your garden.

  1. Keep any valuables such as bikes an tools in your home or in a secured shed or garage. 
  2. Ensure your shed is not enticing to criminals. Cover any windows to stop opportunists thieves from see the contents. 
  3. Keep your shed locked with a high quality, high security padlock preferable one with an alarm which will trigger if someone is tampering with it. 
  4. You may to consider a stand alone alarm. These are cheap and will emit a high decibe alarm if not deactivated. 

Avocet Locks and Key Cutting ITCC Locksmiths are official suppliers of the Avocet ABS High-Security Locks. As well as supplying the full range of Avocet locks, we also offer ABS Key Cutting and Locksmith service. We have invested in the latest key cutting machinery to cut these high-security keys. Do you know that the Avocet key is now available in a range of colours.  More information can be found on our ABS Anti Snap Locks page. Alternatively, call our shop on 020 8302 9005

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