ABS Anti-Snap 3 Stars Security Locks , ABS Key Cutting

We are proud to announce that we are a distributor of Avocet products such as the ABS Snap Secure Locks for high security doors and Avocet ABS Key Cutting!

Avocet is an independently-owned and run company, selling products that are designed, developed and tested in the UK.

They produce ABS Snap Secure Locks that the police are happy to recommend. Their security locks are anti snap locks, and even a determined burglar who is hoping to drill out your lock will have difficulty in getting in if an Avocet lock has been fitted.

How secure is your home without security locks? 

Avocet’s ABS Snap Secure Locks are the only security locks available with a patented ABS secure device that will effectively lock the central cam in place.

The technology installs high security door locks and is the best protection possible against a snapping attack.

Avocet Anti Snap Locks: ITCC Locksmiths Official Supplier of Security Locks

As an official supplier of Avocet products we provide ABS Key Cutting Services. For more information please call our Locksmith Shop  and ask about Avocet Key Cutting on 020 8302 9005

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