Ashford Surrey Locksmith TW15

Ashford Surrey locksmith TW15

Ashford Surrey locksmith TW15

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Your emergency locksmith Ashford Surrey TW15
Have you succeeded in locking yourself out of your home? Has your key broken in the lock? Don’t fear ITCC is here.
I am an emergency locksmith in Ashford and deal with situations like this on a daily basis. I’m the Ashford Surrey Locksmith TW15 locals call on a daily basis to carry out routine work such as security maintenance in addition to emergency work. If you require our Ashford Surry Locksmith services call 020 8302 9005 for a rapid response. I will present you with a clear competitive quote and can be with you in approximately half an hour.  Whatever service you need I can guarantee to help. As one of ITCC experienced Locksmiths I am fully DBS checked, I am fully trained and insured to the highest possible standards. As a family run business one of our top priorities is to deliver the best service to the customer.  This also extends to offering you free tips on how best to protect your home and make it as safe as possible. For example.

  1. Think about marking your valuables with UV ink as this makes it easier for you and the police to identify stolen goods. We recommend writing your initials or your post code.
  2. If you have just moved property consider replacing the locks as you do not know who has access to the keys, previous owners, tenets etc. If you are concerned get me, your Ashford Surrey locksmithTW15, to change your locks for you.
  3. If your house has patio doors they can be fitted with additional security bolts to help prevent forced or lifting entry, this is especially effective if they are old doors.
emergency locksmith Ashford Surrey

How you can improve the security on your door?

For further information regarding home security, take a look at our blog on how you can make your door more secure.

Keeping our properties safe is not just down to the police it is also down to ourselves. Ask your Ashford Surrey locksmith to work in partnership with yourself in order to make your home a safer and more secure place to live.
We all have a part to play in keeping our properties more secure – it’s not just down to the police. Ask your Ashford Surrey locksmith to work with you to make your home a more secure place to live.

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