Auto Car Locksmiths Helps You When You Are Locked out of Car or Lost your Car Keys?

Imagine The Scene When You Need Replacement Car Keys.

Last month, you bought a second-hand car that only came with one key. And you’ve just lost it. Or the dog has swallowed it. Or your darling daughter has dropped it down the drain. Do you know how much it’s going to cost to get a new one cut from an auto car locksmiths, without an original to work from?

You’d better read this tip for car key cutting, because it’s likely to cost between £180 – £250 for an auto vehicle locksmiths to provide you with a replacement.

If the car needs to be towed to an emergency vehicle locksmith for a new key to be made, add on another £150.

Even worse, if you’ve mislaid your key at night time and are desperate for an instant replacement to get home, the total cost is likely to be nearer £500 to sort out your problem there and then. And the more expensive the car is, the more expensive the replacement key will be. Auto car locksmiths will tell you that they deal with customers every day who are facing this situation.

But car key cutting needn’t cost the earth. Plan a replacement car keys in advance and look for a car locksmith in London.

Why not make sure that you have a spare car key before you actually need it?
A good auto car locksmith in London can clone your original car key for between £50 and £70, as long as they have one to work from in the first place!

Replacement Car Keys

Car Locksmith in London

ITCC, the best car locksmith in London, have invested in the latest car key cutting equipment for to ensure that local customers have easy access to this service. There are

so many situations when a second key is needed. Take, for example, those of us who have bought a second-hand car and need another key for other drivers in the family. Perhaps you thought that you had to go to your local garage or a dealership to get one cut? Not at all – a good locksmith can sort this out for you.

Or perhaps you’re being ultra-careful and don’t like the thought that someone, somewhere, still has a copy of your new car’s key and could turn up and drive it away. Try explaining that one to the insurer! Far better to ask a car key cutting specialist to erase and reprogram a new set of keys for you.

The same is true if you have your car keys stolen from your handbag. Why risk a thief turning up at your house one night, having found your address in your bag, and casually unlocking your car and driving it away? Don’t waste your time and look for ITCC car locksmith in London and have a replacement car keys.

Car Key Cutting

Car Key Cutting

So it really is better to be safe than sorry, contact your vehicle locksmith immediately for car key cutting services. £70 or so spent now could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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