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Avocet ABS Door Locks for Security (ABS Secure)!Avocet ABS Locks

A precautionary measure that could protect your home.

There is full support from the national Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network for the new, top-grade range of locks that ITCC Locksmiths now supplies – the ABS Avocet locks. The network is 100% behind the new ABS Door locks which are designed by a UK company called Avocet Hardware. These new Avocet ABS  locks are made to reduce cases of burglaries and theft with its feature of anti snap locks (ABS Secure Locks).

Jim Maddan, Chairman of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network, says: “As with any crime, prevention is always our goal, which is why we are delighted to have Avocet Hardware on-board as a primary sponsor. The company has impressed us with its commitment to eradicating a criminal practice that is all too easy, with a product that is proven to keep burglars at bay.” And this is made possible by the Avocet ABS secure Locks.

So What Do These ABS Avocet Door Locks Do?

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ABS Avocet

The ABS Snap Secure lock or anti snap locks have been designed specifically to prevent burglars from breaking and entering through your front door. It’s very likely that if you have a PVCu door fitted, it has the old-style cylinder lock that it came with. But these locks have a weakness: they consist of two parts that are just joined together with a screw in the middle. A thief can easily jemmy this sort of lock to get into your property. It’s no help if you have extra bolts and hooks; once they’ve snapped the cylinder lock, they’re in. The answer is to retro-fit an Avocet ABS locks for complete security – that means replacing the weak link with anti snap locks before the damage is done. If you do decide to go for a europrofile cylinder lock upgrade, don’t go for the cheapest “Anti Snap” solution. You need to make sure that your lock has a three star rating or the “Sold Secure” Diamond rating. If it doesn’t have these quality marks, it hasn’t passed snapping tests and is not guaranteed to stop lock snapping. You’ll find that only certain locksmiths have been accepted as approved ABS stockists who can supply this top-grade product. ITCC Locksmiths is one such locksmith, and their shop in Sidcup has recently installed the machinery to make this product available to their customers. The ABS door locks is one of the first ABS secure locks of its type to be accredited to the new British Standard TS007 (three stars). It is the only retro-fit euro cylinder that has passed the new SS312 Sold Secure Diamond standard, and it is approved by Secured by Design.

The Security of Avocet ABS Door Locks (Anti Snap Locks)

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ABS Secure

The ABS secure lock is so effective that it has been used in a joint police and council initiative to tackle lock snapping crimes in the East Leeds area. Since 2010, 10,000 ABS Snap Secure lock or Avocet ABS Locks have been installed in homes in East Leeds. Along with other police initiatives, this has resulted in a 36 per cent drop in burglary rate in just two years. In total, the number of burglary victims has been reduced by 3,200.

The fact that both the police and Leeds City Council are impressed with these Avocet ABS secure locks is testament to its quality and reliability. So, for a small investment, you can think about protecting your family home with the anti snap locks ABS Avocet has developed. Don’t let the burglars in through your front door! Secure your first ABS door locks now!

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