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Avocet ABS Locks

Door and window furniture is the sort of thing you don’t really think about until there’s a problem. It encompasses the handles, locks, yale euro cylinders and bolts that you find on your doors and windows – everything you need, in fact, to keep your property secure. The sort of lock you’ll find on your average PVCu door is a yale euro cylinder lock. These locks – still fitted on thousands of doors, and still for sale in DIY shops all over the country, have a weak point. Such locks can easily be broken in half if a burglar prises them open, and can allow illegal entry into your house in less than thirty seconds. The term for this is lock snapping, and you’ll see immediately that you’ve been a victim of this sort of forced entry if you come home and find the lock on your front door bent upwards.

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Avocet ABS locks provide more security than others. Many manufacturers have attempted to combat this crime with snap lines and strengthened bars, but the vast majority of these do not stop a snapping attack. This is why emergency locksmiths are keen to supply ABS high security locks to reduce the chances of a burglary taking place via your front door. Avocet’s ABS Snap Secure Lock is the only lock available with a patented snap-secure device that will effectively lock the central cam in place. The technology totally blocks access to the door lock case and is the best protection possible against a snapping attack.

ITCC – Distributor of Avocet ABS Locks

The level of quality and design in this product is why locksmiths are pleased to become known as Avocet stockists. ITCC is proud to announce that they are now a distributor of Avocet products for windows and doors. Avocet is an independently-owned and run company, selling products that are designed, developed and tested in the UK. They produce high-security locks that the police are happy to recommend. Their locks are resistant to lock-picking, and even a determined burglar who is hoping to drill out your lock will have difficulty in getting in if Avocet door locks has been fitted.

So which sort of door lock do you have? Ask about Avocet door locks to a locksmith or talk to your local crime security team.

Avocet Door Locks

Avocet Door Locks

If you have a broken or damaged front door lock, choosing Avocet door locks as a replacement will ensure that you’re buying a good quality product that has a British Kitemark. It will also be approved by Secured by Design – the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’. Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises, and can lead to a reduction of crime risk by up to 75%. In addition to all this, Avocet ABS locks also meet standard PAS024 introduced in July 2013. With Avocet Locks, you can’t get much more secure than that!

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