What are the Best Locks to Secure Your Front Door?

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When it comes to securing your front door at your apartment, you’ll need to pick the right lock for the job. Mind you, almost all break-ins have to do with door locks that have been broken into or messed with by the burglar. As such, you don’t just pick any lock that you come across; you have to ensure that you get the best. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the top front door locks that you can never go wrong with. Remember, your safety and that of your loved ones matters most.

  1. Swing locks; swing locks are affordable, easy to install, and extremely effective at reinforcing your primary door lock. With swing locks, you can open your front door only a few inches so as to speak with whoever is outside, while also ensuring that there’s some safe distance between you two.
  2. Deadbolt locks; when looking for the best deadbolt front door lock, always insist on Grade 1. Although it’s slightly expensive than Grade 2 or Grade 3 locks, this is one sturdy lock with a reputation for defeating even t5he most determined home burglars.
  3. Portable locks; portable locks work by reinforcing your primary lock. They are easy to install and are especially popular with many homeowners because they don’t require any drilling to mount. They are made of steel and can’t be broken or tampered with easily.
  4. Kwikset Kevo; this is one of the most popular smart front door locks, that uses the latest technology. It’s a Bluetooth lock that relies on a touch screen in order to allow access; you simply tap it and as long as your Smartphone is nearby, then you’re automatically allowed in.  Still, you can open it using the traditional key, whereby you’re given two keys in case you have a guest you wish to share with.
  5. Lockitron Bolt; this is another smart door that automatically senses your approach and unlocks your door to the apartment. The beauty of this technology is that it also has an app that you can share with friends or family, and they’ll be allowed in even when you aren’t around; you don’t have to leave the door open or keys under the mat!

To further reinforce your front door lock and make it as secure as possible, it’s recommendable that you get a professional locksmith and have them advice you.

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