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Bexley Crime and Security News ITCC LOCKSMITHS

Bexley Local Crime Rates Focused

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Bexley Crime

It can be difficult to gauge how safe (or otherwise) it is in your home town. Maybe you think that your borough has a negative local crime statistics, or perhaps you feel that the media is only interested in sensationalising the situation and that they exaggerate the problem in order to sell more newspapers.

Let’s have a closer look at the figures for crime rates by area in Bexley DA5, Bexleyheath DA6, Blackfen DA15, Erith DA8, Sidcup DA14, Sidcup DA15 and Welling DA16, and see how they measure up.

Local Crime Statistics

Local Crime Statistics by ITCC locksmiths

Local Crime Statistics by ITCC locksmiths

The first thing to point out is that Bexley Crime  is relatively low, compared to other London boroughs.

There was just one murder in Bexley in 2012, compared to five in 2011. The number of robberies also fell, from 362 in 2011, to 236 last year.

It’s true that racist and religious hate crimes rose by 56%, but the Borough Commander for Bexley, Superintendent Peter Ayling said in response:

“I’d like to think that part of the increase is the result of increased confidence to report crimes in the minority communities in the north of the borough.”

Crime in Bexley

Crime in Bexley

He also thought that part of the increase in the figures was because of a change in the way in which the offences are now recorded.
The wards that report

the highest levels of crime in Bexley (robbery, criminal damage and violence against the person) are Christchurch, Erith, DA8 and North End.
By far the most common crime in Bexley is antisocial behaviour, with 511 incidents in May 2013 alone. Violence against the person was the second most common offence, with 191 offences in May, with thefts from cars a bit further behind in third place with 107 offences.

Crime in Bexley

You might like to have a look at a very useful website for a further breakdown of Crime in Bexley DA5 at There are maps showing the areas with the highest levels of crime in London, summaries of the numbers of incidents each month and graphs to show whether the figures are going up or down. The Borough of Bexley is a reassuring light blue, indicating that the crime figures are below average!

You can do your bit to keep the crime rates by area low:

local crime rates

local crime rates

As it’s relatively high on the list of offences, let’s take the example of thefts from cars. You can thin

k about these simple measures to make sure that you’re less likely to become a victim of crime:

• Never leave valuable items on view in your car

• Have a look in your glove compartment. Do you really need to carry around all the items that are stored in there?

• Look at your car from the outside. Would a thief see a ring mark on the window, indicating that you might have a satnav stored in the car? Wipe off the mark now!

• Where do you leave your car keys? If you drop them by the door when you come home, rethink your actions. A car thief will know where to look first.

Crime Rates by Area

• To reduce the crime rates by areas in Bexley, DON’T BE LAZY! – close all doors and windows when the car is unattended, and lock up! It only takes a moment, and could save you a lot of hassle.

• When you need to warm up the car in winter, don’t leave the engine running and then go inside. This is a proven way to reduce local crime rates in Bexley.

• Make sure all your locks are working and secure and if they are not call ITCC Locksmiths to fix the problem and secure your possessions.

All these tips are just common sense and help decrease the local crime statistics. So let’s make it difficult for the thieves reduce the crime in Bexley!

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