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Your local ITCC locksmith in Brent Park NW10 is on call 24/7, 365 days a week so it doesn’t matter what time you give us a call, our friendly locksmith will pick up the phone. And if you need an emergency locksmith Brent Park he can usually be with you in around 30 minutes. We only supply high quality locks which meet insurance requirements and British standard 3621
We ensure all of our locksmiths are trained on a regular basis which ensures when our locksmith arrives he will be able to unlock your door or repair or replace the lock quickly and most importantly without causing nay damage to the door or lock.

Experienced Brent Park Locksmith

We have been working in the area of Brent Park for a number of years and know the area and the types of homes and the problems they suffer from relatively well. Brent Park is located in the borough of Brent and is home to a very culturally diverse population primarily made up of Afro Caribbean decent. The area includes many large stores such as Tesco, IKEA and the biggest Hindu temple outside India which is called Neasden Temple. The area is made up primarily of terraced housing built in the 19th and 20th Century, which means these homes, can suffer from a number of vulnerabilities, such as single glazed windows and weak doors.

Crime in Brent ParkLocksmith Brent Park

Crime in the borough of Brent is slightly higher than the rest of London particularly violent crime, Stonebridge just a stone’s throw away suffered from the highest level of gun crime in the capital. In 2015 Brent reported 26081 crimes of which 2715 were burglaries. This concludes over 10% of all crime was a burglary which is terribly high, usually a figure associated with suburban areas as these home are usually easier to access. We have put together a small number of helpful tips to help you not become a victim.

1. If you own a business or live in a high burglary area, then you may want to think about getting your local ITCC Brent Park locksmith to install CCTV or perhaps a burglar alarm, these are proven to be one of the most effective deterrents. We will ensure all the wiring is hidden or use a wireless system to ensure it cannot be rendered redundant.
2. Did you realise that some criminals can use your letter box and a flexible metal wire to steal your keys and tinker with your locks. To ensure this does not happen to you, store your keys in a draw or away from a door or window and fit a letter cage which will make it much more difficult to fish for keys.
3. Properties with no security in place are 5 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar. Simple measures such as a letter cage, good door and window locks can make huge differences.

6 month Guaranteed Unlock, Lock Installation, Lock Fitting, Lock Repair

Our locksmith Brent Park is very affordable and all of our field staff works to the highest standards. No matter how complex, simple, small or large the job is we will always help you. So if you need a your locks changed, lock repaired, or some security appliances added such as a peep hole, give us a call we use only the latest tools and technology to ensure the job is completed quickly and professionally. We have built a local customer base in North West London and are highly recommended by many, to help ensure your satisfaction we provide a 6 month guarantee on all work.

The map above refers to the centre of the location served and not the position of our locksmith Brent Park

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