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Bromley is London’s largest borough. Covering fifty-eight square miles, it spans a very diverse range of properties and neighborhoods. Some areas, particularly in the north of the borough are urban, whilst others have a more rural feel to them. In fact, Bromley has the largest area of countryside in London.

Whether you live in Beckenham, BR3, Bickley, BR1, Biggin Hill, TN16, Bromley, BR1, Chislehurst, BR7, Downham, BR1, Keston, BR2, Mottingham, SE9, Orpington, BR5 or Penge, SE20 (find a locksmith Bromley Kent) you’ll be interested to know how the crime statistics in your town compare with those elsewhere (locksmiths Bromley)

You’ll perhaps be reassured by the news that although crime rates in Bromley are generally higher than the national average, it is considered to be one of the safest London boroughs.

Crime as a whole has been falling across the borough. Motor vehicle crime is down by 4.4%, for example, and robberies are down by 9.4%. Even more encouragingly, burglary is currently down a further 11.6% across the borough so far in 2013, following on from the reductions seen over the past few years.

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Bromley Locksmith Kent

Bromley Locksmith Kent

Looking at crime figures as a whole in Bromley, the numbers are down from a total of 23783 in 2010/2011, to 21907 in 2012/2013.

But when you compare the local statistics with the national averages, things don’t look so positive.
The number of robberies per 1000 population is 3.01 locally, compared with a national average of 1.85. Burglaries are 7.06 compared with the national average of 5.67, and car thefts are 5.20 compared with the national figure of 4.04.

The residents of Bromley have been asked how well they think the police are doing in their borough. It’s good to hear that 63% of local people think that the police are doing a good or excellent job, with a further 30% thinking that their performance is “fair”.

One interesting way in which the police force promotes its successes at work and offers useful advice is via a monthly online newsletter. Articles giving details of criminals who have been caught and the sentences they received help us to understand what the local force has to contend with, and what they are doing to combat crime.

Locksmith Prices

Locksmith Prices

The Bromley Borough Commander also passes on useful tips via the newsletter. In the July 2013 edition, for example, there are some common-sense pointers about shed safety. As she points out, the major problem with vulnerable garden sheds is that they provide burglars with an arsenal of house breaking implements. Take the garden spade, for example – the blade can be used to level open doors and windows. To stop tools like this being used in burglaries, they should either be bolted or padlocked to a heavy bench or frame, or, better still, kept in a more secure place such as a locked garage. Alternatively, you can secure your tools by chaining them together. Another idea might be to use a strong, lockable box or cage within the shed to store not only your garden tools but also insecticides, weed killers or other items which may be harmful to health or plants if improperly used.

If you think your shed and its contents are vulnerable, you could pay a visit to an experienced Locksmith Bromley Kent for reliable and impartial advice or for locksmith prices. 36% of burglaries result from insecure properties, so secure your home and contact  locksmith Bromley!

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