Burglaries in Lambeth SE1

Burglaries in Lambeth

Burglaries in Lambeth

Burglaries in Lambeth with ITCC’s locksmith in SE1

In this blog we look at Burglaries in Lambeth SE1. Lambeth is  one of the most densely populated places in the country, our locksmith is often in the area repairing or replacing locks, or advising on security.

The demographics of the area show there are lots of young, working-age people live here rather than families, and over 70% of Lambeth households live in flats. The ITCC locksmith in Lambeth is aware that there’s a high crime rate in the area – he’s often called in to deal with the clean-up of a burglary – and crime has been a long term concern for residents escpially with the levels of Burglaries in Lambeth.

But when the SE1 locksmith had a close look at the statistics, he actually found that incidences of burglaries to the home had gone down considerably since last year. In 2014, there were 151 residential burglaries, compared to 129 this year. And in fact, crime – and concern about crime – has reduced drastically over the past few years. There has actually been an 8.8% decrease in priority crimes in Lambeth in the 12 months to July 2014, similar to most of London.

Perhaps the advice that ITCC’s locksmith SE1 has been offering in Lambeth in recent years has been paying off. He has a range of tips to share with those who live in flats, to help keep properties safe and secure. He’d always advise that all ground floor windows (and, in fact, any windows that are easily accessible) should have key operated window locks.

Our locksmith in SE1 also advises you to invest in a strong door and door frame with good quality locks. But bear in mind that if you’re flat is on the second floor or above, you need to balance security with fire safety. Essentially, you shouldn’t fit your front door with a lock that needs a key to open it from the inside.  Call the ITCC locksmith in Lambeth and ask him to fit a lock that complies with BS 5588/BS 8621, allowing you to release the lock and leave the flat with just one simple action. You could also add a letterbox cowl for extra security to prevent thieves tampering with the lock from outside.

The locksmith SE1 then went on to look at the statistics that show how many burglaries there have been to Lambeth businesses. The picture wasn’t so positive, there. In fact, ITCC’s locksmith in Lambeth found there had been 80 burglaries to businesses in 2014, but this had risen to 92 this year. If you’re a Lambeth business, you might like to ask the locksmith SE1 about one-key systems, access control or CCTV systems to protect your offices. He can also advise you on the most suitable safe for your business.

As the locksmith in Lambeth points out, it’s up to us to help cut down on the number of burglaries committed. Ask him to review your security so that your property is protected. Your ITCC locksmith in SE1 can help you make sure that you’re not the next victim of crime in your borough.

For more information regarding crime in the area of Lambeth please visit the metropolitan police site here.

If you live in the Lambeth area and want to find out more of what ITCC can offer you  please visit the local Lambeth SE1 page.

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