Burglary Facts

Burglary Facts and Stats

We have written this article to help you understand the current risks of a burglary, the burglars themselves in addition to some helpful tips on how to prevent a break in.

Burglary Facts

  1. A burglary takes place every 40 seconds in the UK
  2. Around 75% of burglars use a door of which 3% were open
  3. Every year around 1 Million burglaries and attempted burglaries are reported, meaning there are probably many more which were never reported.
  4. According to a Victim Support survey 1 in 4 victims have been burgled more than once.
  5. 56% of burglaries happen during the night.
  6. The majority of burglaries are not planned and are committed by opportunistic thieves.
  7. Approximately 57% of burglars occur when the home is occupied
  8. A Halifax survey found that around 1/3 of people who have an alarm rarely activate it.
  9. Burglaries have been in decline since the 1990s. However in 2017 the police recorded 10,500 more burglaries than in 2016 according to the Guardian.
  10. The Police solve less than 1 in 10 burglaries according to The Sun as in the last 6 years 17,000 front line policemen have been axed. And over the same period the 493,257 burglaries reported to the Metropolitan police only 8% were solved.

Who is Burgled

  • The biggest victims of burglaries are single parent families living in urban areas.
  • The second biggest victims of burglaries are the elderly. The elderly are seen as easy targets so thus it is of more importance to have higher levels of security.

Who burgles

  • 88% of burglars are men
  • 6% of burglars are femalesHome Security
  • 6% of burglaries are committed by both a male and female offender
  • Approximately half of burglaries are known to the victim, the other half are total strangers.
  • The demographic of the average burglar is between 16-24 with 16% being of school age.
  • Many burglars are drug addicts who steal to gain money to feed their addictions.

How much it costs

The average cost of a burglary is estimated to be £2,833, this includes fixing any damage and replacing the stolen items.

The most stolen items are

  1. Cash – Cash is obviously of no surprise, hiding your cash in a heavy duty safe is a sound idea. If a safe is unavailable ensure the cash is placed out of sight.
  2. Jewellery – Jewellery is of high value and can be sold relatively easily.
  3. Electronics such as Tvs, Radios and game consoles.
  4. Power tools, such as drills, chains saws, hedge trimmers grinders etc as they are relatively expensive items and relatively easy to sell on.

    Burglary facts

    Security is Key

  5. Alcohol and prescription drugs – Many burglars are drug addicts and steal to feed their habit. This includes stealing drugs and alcohol.
  6. YOUR IDENTITY. Burglars are increasingly looking to steal your identity, with this they can purchase items online take out loans, all in your name.

How to protect your home

  1. Ensure you have high security locks on your front and back doors. Lower security locks can be snapped, quickly drilled out, picked, or easily bumped. Higher security locks have been designed and built to withstand such threats.
  2. It sounds obvious but lock both your doors and windows when leaving your home. Many break in’s occur through an open door or window.
  3. Double lock your doors at night. If you have a UPVC door with a letter box, thieves can easily slip through a metal wire and turn the door handle letting their self in. If you double lock the door with your keys this will prevent such intruders. Take a look how easy and quickly I can do it, it took me less than 15 seconds. Check out our Youtube video.
  4. Alarms are a very effective way to ensure your home is secure, when you are not occupying the home, if you ensure you activate the alarm as almost 1/3 of people fail to do so.
  5. CCTV also allows you to gain video footage of the perpetrators which can be passed on to the police, it also acts as a deterrence.
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