Security Tips

The History of Locks and Keys

We all have a set of keys, don’t we? But have you ever thought about how important this everyday invention has become in our lives, and who actually thought of the idea of securing their belongings in this way? The…
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Home Insurance claim advice – ITCC LOCKSMITHS

Home Insurance claim advice – ITCC LOCKSMITHS Have you ever been burgled? If you have, you’ll know the feelings of vulnerability and insecurity that you’re left with after the event. It can take a long time to recover from the…
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Home Security Safe Advice

It’s worth thinking about having a safe in your home for peace of mind, especially if you’re going on holiday. We all have documents and valuables that are too precious to leave in a jewellery box or too important to…
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Garden shed security tips

  Have you ever added up the value of the items in your shed?  A lawn mower, a bike or two, a strimmer, a power washer…..  All these items can add up to a considerable amount of money. Watch out for…
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