Crime in Kensington and Chelsea

Crime in Kensington and Chelsea

You would think Crime in Kensington and Chelsea would be relatively low as it is one of the most affluent parts of the capital well you may be surprised.

Crime in Kensington and Chelsea

Crime in Kensington and Chelsea one of the most affluent parts of the capital well you may be surprised.

Why would anyone need an emergency locksmith in W8? Surely the houses in Kensington and Chelsea are among the most secure in London, and the least likely to be burgled?

ITCC’s locksmith in Kensington and Chelsea knows that the borough has 416 police officers and 45 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) working there. The borough has five 24 hour Response Teams and 18 Neighbourhood Policing teams (NPT), too. So surely there’s no cause for concern?

But as our locksmith W8 found out, Crime in Kensington and Chelsea is above average. The sad truth is that no matter how secure your property is, a determined burglar will always find a way in.

As ITCC’s locksmith in Kensington and Chelsea points out, houses in in this area are a magnet for burglars because they potentially offer richer takings than your average households.

In September 2015, for example, total notifiable offences for the borough were 1799.

Most worryingly, the general trend for crimes is on the way up: the locksmith in W8 noticed that the figure was significantly lower in July 2015, at 1649 offences.

The fact that the Crime in Kensington and Chelsea is higher than average is not surprising because of the areas wealth, but as the locksmith in Kensington has pointed out on many times, it’s often houses in poorer areas that are more vulnerable, as they have poorer security measures in place. Burglars find it easy to break in and the local emergency locksmith from ITCC ends up having to pick up the pieces.

Whatever the trend, ITCC’s locksmith in W8 is a regular visitor to this part of London. He often has to replace locks that have been forced during a burglary and is also called upon to board up windows that have been broken.

The figure that most interests ITCC’s emergency locksmith in Kensington and Chelsea is that there were 127 burglaries in September 2015 alone. There were also 182 vehicle offences (thefts from vehicles and thefts of vehicles), too. This is significantly more than the number of similar offences in nearby Richmond upon Thames there were 107 similar thefts.

But don’t despair too much. Despite the number of burglaries, crime in Kensington and Chelsea ranked only 319th in the country’s league table. (The City of London is the lowest, at 348th, but this reflects their low populace.) Even better, with only 0.36 robberies per 100 residents, Kensington and Chelsea are even lower in the national league table for robberies, putting them at 335th in the national league.

As the locksmith in Kensington and Chelsea points out, it’s up to us to help cut down on the number of burglaries committed. Ask him to review your security so that your property is protected. Your ITCC locksmith in W8 can help you make sure that you’re not the next victim of crime in your borough.

For more information about crime in the Kensington and Chelsea area visit the Metropolitan Police Website here.

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