Dartford Crime and Security News ITCC LOCKSMITHS

Dartford Crime and Security News ITCC LOCKSMITHS

Dartford Crime: looking at the crime stats in North West Kent

Dartford area, DA1 and Gravesend area, DA12 have a number of similarities. They are both on the very edge of Kent and are both densely populated, urban areas where a high proportion of the population commute into London for work. There are also very high levels of car ownership in Dartford area and Gravesend area, at 80.8%; almost the highest in the country! It is also understandable that some crime in my area take place from time to time.

Let’s take a look at some of the towns, villages, a typical house in Dartford and Gravesend, namely Belvedere, DA17, Crayford, DA1, Darenth, DA2, Dartford, DA1, Farningham, DA4, Greenhithe, DA9, Gravesend, DA12, South Darenth, DA4, Swanscombe, DA10 and Wilmington, DA2.

Some areas of North West Kent are very rural, and crime in my area tends to be very low. Take Farningham, DA4 for example. No examples of antisocial behaviour in May 2013, no burglaries and just one incident of vehicle crime!

Dartford crime stats  has fallen considerably since last year. It is down 14.3% from 486 incidents to 416. That’s the good news. But Dartford still has the highest levels of crime in Kent. Should residents that own a house in Dartford feel worried?

Inspector Bill Wallis of Kent Police thinks that people overreact. He points out that:
“The perception of crime is not reality. Often people fear crime that isn’t actually there…if they can understand what the levels of crimes and anti-social behaviour are in their area they’ll actually feel more confident and reassured that it isn’t actually at the levels they think it is.”

Dartford Area Crime Stats

The biggest problem in the area is antisocial behaviour, which is actually on the increase. The police’s crime stats show that there were 129 incidents of antisocial behaviour within a mile of Dartford, DA1 area in May 2013 alone. There were also 41 burglaries and 22 vehicle crimes.
Looking at Gravesend, DA12 we learn that there were 156 incidents of antisocial behaviour, 35 burglaries and 44 vehicle crimes.

House in Dartford

Local businesses in Dartford area are doing their best to combat crime in their town. They have formed Dartford Town Against Crime (D-TAC) to making the retail environment a better and safer place to trade and shop. They use radios to communicate with each other about crimes that might have taken place or are about to take place – a great example of the community working together.
But what can I do to help reduce the number of crime in my area?

Reducing Crime in My Area

We all have a part to play, and some common sense precautions will reduce the chances of your home or business appearing on next month’s Kent crime statistics roundup.
If you are amongst those who commute into town each day, leaving your home empty, do what you can to make sure a burglar doesn’t target your property:

• Leave a light on when you’re out
• Leave a radio playing
• Make sure you’ve locked all doors and windows
• If you have a burglar alarm, use it
• If you don’t have an alarm, consider having one fitted – it could reduce your house insurance premium
• Don’t leave valuable, portable items such as laptops and jewellery on display
• Block access to the rear of your property with a sturdy fence and gate, and a solid padlock.

Just think: if you’ve done all you can to gain the upper hand, you’ll feel more in control of the situation and become part of reducing crime stats in Dartford area.

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