What is DBS Certified and How to Verify if a Locksmith is Certified or Not

What is DBS Certified and How to Verify if a Locksmith is Certified or Not

The Disclosure and Barring service (DNS) is what was formally known as Criminal Records Bureau and basically aids all the employers in recruiting new employees. It is responsible for provision of all the criminal records of an individual which are known as DBS checks. DBS may decide if a persons name is to be placed or erased from the barred list. A person becomes DBS certified by applying for a DBS certificate within 28 working days and lasts for up to 3 years. Most employers require a DBS certificate that is not older than a year so it is always safe to update your certificate as often as possible. For security reasons, all workers including locksmiths require certification that shows that they are eligible and qualified to work. Although some states do not actually require locksmiths to be certified it is always good to be on the safe side especially during job hunts as this may be the reason you will get that job or not.

How to verify if a locksmith is certified or not

A certified registered locksmith (CRL) is a person who has the required knowledge and skills that a locksmith should have. There is no limitation on who can be certified as long as you are interested in this career and show reputable performance over time. Although this is not easy either as you must be able to ace all the 10 compulsory written examination categories with 2 other elective ones. This certification is given by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) which is a professional security association company that vets all the locksmiths before certifying them. It is always advisable to verify if the locksmith that you are about to hire for services is certified or not. The main reason behind this is for security purposes since some burglars, may pause as locksmiths in order to cut and duplicate your keys or a company’s key and later rob and steal or commit other unlawful acts. Another reason is to get the desired and required professional help and actually have value for the money or fees that will be paid for. Everyone desires to have all their services done at a professional level.

This is how one can verify if a locksmith is certified or not;

  1. Always request your locksmiths from reputable and registered companies. This can be achieved by simply checking the details of the company before hiring them. Most locksmith companies will have their employees vetted and certified first before employing them. This will help you hire professionals and save yourself the trouble of risking unskilled locksmiths.
  2. Request for an identification card from the locksmith that indicates that they are from the specific company that you called and you can go miles ahead and call the company for verification.
  3. In case the locksmith is a freelance, request for documentations and certificate from ALOA that will prove that the individual is a qualified and certified locksmith.

The above is just but a few ways that you can verify if a locksmith is verified or not. It is always good to keep all the documents and contacts that are presented to you by the locksmiths and always deal with a company than individuals. This is because it is much easier to do follow ups ion companies than individuals in case of faults or claims. Another tip is to remain as constant as possible on the locksmiths company that you deal with. Although this can be difficult especially in cases of relocations but it’s no harm checking the company that you are used to has branches across the country. If not, prior research on the locksmiths and the companies is important too.

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