Five Facts About UK House Burglaries

There is a common thought among some people that crime only happens on the news or to someone else that you get to hear about. If you are one of those who think like this, you should really get more prepared and organised so that you minimise that chance that it will happen to you.

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According to a number of insurance brokers, some people are quite careless when it comes to looking after their properties which increases that likelihood of a burglary taking place. You home is a very big purchase and it is a wise decision to protect it as much as possible and reduce the chance of coming home to damage of theft of your property.

Here are 5 quick facts that may alter the way that you think in the future.

  1. Did you know that according to one survey, once people buy home insurance that 64% of people do not bother to lock their front door.
  2. Some criminals have been known to target the same house more than once as they know the properties weaknesses.
  3. The average cost of a burglary to replace stolen items is around the £1700,00 price range.
  4. Most house crimes are unlikely to be solved and only one quarter actually are.
  5. Semi detached homes  are the most common targets for a thief

Always have you locks for your windows and doors supplied and fitted by a professional locksmith to ensure they are in full working order to make it as difficult as possible to force enter your home.

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