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Locksmith Gunnersbury

ITCC Locksmiths have many years experience in providing the local businesses and
residents a fast and cost efficient local locksmith service. Our Locksmith is on call around the clock so whenever you happen to give us a call we will send out a fully equipped and trained locksmith to deal with your lock problems. We always aim to arrive at your location within 30 minutes of your call all day every day.

We only sell locks which meet British standard

We can
• Unlock your doors including your Car door
• Replace or replace your locksLocksmith Gunnersbury
• Fit security safes
• Conduct security survey

Fit and maintain
• Electric Locks
• Access control
• Alarms

Crime in Gunnersbury

Gunnersbury is located near Chiswick which last year had 148 burglaries which is average for the area of Hounslow which had 1756 reported burglaries in 2015. The worst part about these figures is that many of them could have been prevented if a little more thought of security was considered. Your security should never be neglected. We have a small list of recommendation on how you cam make your property and yourself safer and more secure.

Security tips

1. Properties with no security in place are 5 times more likely to be burgled than those with simple cost effective measures. High quality locks on your doors and windows can make a huge difference.
2. If you are planning to go away on holiday or just leave the home for a couple of days or more, we highly recommend you do one of two things. The first to ask a family member, or trusted friend or neighbour to collect your mail. As a pile of mail is a good indication that the property is vacant, giving opportunist burglars plenty of time to strike. The second thing you can do is inform Royal Mail at least a week before you travel and they will hold your mail with their keep safe service.
3. One of the main ways burglars gain access to properties is forced entry. This usually involves kicking down the front or back door. You can help prevent this by allowing us to install a London bar. These are metal stripes which fit around the frame to ensure your door is kick force resistant. Remember your lock is only as strong as your frame.

The above map refers to the middle of the location served and not the position of our Locksmith Gunnersbury.

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