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Locksmith Ham

Do you need a locksmith who is affordable and quick to the scene? Well we are both, our locksmith lives locally so will be with you in an estimated 30 minutes and we ensure our prices are very competitive with the competition.

A trusted Ham Locksmith. We also ensure all of our staff our trustworthy by carrying out DBS checks on all field staff so none of our staff have criminal records.

We also only supply locks which meet British standard Locks which comply with BS 3621, which is set by the British standards institute as a measure of theft resistance.

ITCC locksmiths have been operating in Ham and the surrounding area of Richmond for over 10 years now and thus have extensive knowledge of the area and its problems.

Richmond is one of the wealthiest areas of the county with ever increasing house prices which can be a magnet for burglars looking to make a quick profit. The area has many large properties built mainly in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. These types of buildings can be susceptible to break ins due to the higher value of goods in the buildings and as the locks and windows may be less secure as newly built homes.

Crime in Ham and Richmond

The borough of Richmond upon Thames is one of the safest borough in the capital with a reported 10719 crimes in 2015 but does suffer from a burglary problem with 1321 reported burglaries last year, this makes up over 10% of all crime, which is higher than the average. This may be due to a number of potential reasons however the attractiveness of this expensive area and the higher than average wealth is of course a pull factor.

Advice from our locksmith
  1. Garages and sheds are primary targets for criminals as they are usually easier to gain access to and there is a higher probability they will not get caught. So to overcome such a problem we suggest covering every window with a curtain or plastic film to prevent anyone from seeing inside. Furthermore ensure you have a strong padlock on the door with the screws hidden, another good idea would be to buy a padlock with an alarm which will sound when the lock is being tampered with. And for garage security you may want to consider installing a garage guard.
  1. Alarm systems are one of the most effective deterrents you can buy as they increase the chances of a burglar being caught by the police. The fear factor arises when a burglar sees an alarm box. This alarm will sound whenever someone tries to enter the property without inputting the correct code or by using force.
  1. . Was you aware some criminals can use wire coat hangers to gain entry into your home. They can do this in a number of ways. The first is to try and fish for the keys which some people leave in a bowel next to the front door or near a window, which is carless. We recommend placing your keys in a draw or well away from any door or window. Secondly they can use the hook to tamper with the lock. To overcome such an issue you can simply install a letter cage to your door.

The map refers to the centre of the area served and not the location of our locksmith

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