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Locksmith Highams Park

ITCC have a local locksmith Highams Park which can be at your door in 30 minutes to change or repair your locks, unlock your car or help you with any other lock problem you may have.

We deliver a full range of locksmith services to both commercial and domestic clients from simple lock changes all the way to installing CCTV, Access control and alarms, and best of all we are very affordable with very competitive prices, just give us a call to find out.

Experienced Highams Park Locksmith

ITCC Locksmiths have been operating in the Highams park area for a number of years and as a result we are very familiar with the area and the types of homes and problems the area has. Highams Park  is located in the North east  section of the London borough Waltham Forest . Highams Park is a suburban area and thus as a result suffers from a higher than average burglary rate which of course is a concern for locals. ITCC locksmith in Highams Park notes the area is mainly made up of semi detached houses which are a target for thieves as they usually have easy access to the side and rear of the property.

Crime in Highams ParkLocksmith Highams Park

Crime in Highams Park and Hale end is has a relatively low crime rate when compared to the rest of London, however this is no reason to neglect your properties security. The area still reported 133 burglaries in 2015 according to UK crime stats. And the most upsetting thing is that many of these break ins could have been prevented, if the property owners invested just a little more time and money in security. We have devised a small list of helpful tips to help you better protect your home.

Tips from our Locksmith
  1. If you can ensure other people can see the front of your property, by cutting down any over grown bushes or trimming any trees which obscure passersby view. The more visible the front of your home is the less chance a burglar will try to gain access
  2. Marking your property will help police find you if the items are stolen and then recovered. You can mark your property in a number of ways such as etching or marking your property with your name and postcode with a UV pen, which can only be seen with a UV light.
  3. According to the Evening Standard there were 46,259 household burglaries in London last year, with the police only solving 2,918 which means only 6% were solved. These astonishingly poor figures are said to be down to cuts in the police budget. If you compare last years figures to figures reported in 2011, you can see the number of solved burglars per 100 has halved from 12 to 6. Protecting your home is not just down to the police with decreasing police budgets the empathies now comes down to us to ensure we are safe. ITCC can be a very helpful partner in this endeavour; we have years of experience and are very affordable. We can provide free impartial advice and a professional and courteous service.

The map above refers to the middle of the location served and not the position of our locksmith Highams Park

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