Domestic and Business Security

Keeping yourself or your business safe and secure is increasingly becoming more complex as criminals are continuously developing new tactics in order to breach personnel or company security to commit harm, theft or commercial sabotage such as stealing stock, money or sensitive documents. No one is exempt from such threats this includes wealthy individuals as wells as small and large organisations.

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Commercial Threats

Businesses have always had to overcome a range of threats which can endanger your employee’s welfare, company image and the company’s financial security. A breach in security can lead to any number of potential consequences from a small financial loss through stolen stock to employees being seriously injured which could potential lead to a lawsuit.

External threats

Robbers/Vandals – The vast majority of businesses are vulnerable to robbers particularly those armed with dangerous weapons such as guns and knives. Even if your company doesn’t store cash or valuable stock this doesn’t mean robbers or vandals will ignore you. Recently a man in Greenwich was attacked in his office and was chocked until he became unconscious so they could take his Rolex watch.

Competitors – Competitors are especially relevant for large corporations as their rivals have much to gain from identifying their competitor’s strategy, employee contact details or new products being developed.

Internal threats

Employees – Companies that store large amounts of cash or valuable stock can be targets employees seeking an opportunity to line their own pockets, by stealing stock or cash.

Domestic Threats

1. Burglars/ Vandals – Everyone is a target for burglars wanting to make money at the expense of others, particularly those high net worth individuals whose properties contain extremely valuable items and are thus much more enticing targets for criminals.

2. Stalkers – Stalking can happen to anyone at anytime particularly celebrities or well known individuals and can be a very stressful and frightening experience.

3. Kidnapping – Kidnapping while rare is a very real threat especially to those high net worth individuals who criminals believe they will be able to extort money from. Another interesting thing to think about is Corporate kidnapping where companies pay criminals to kidnap company executives and force them to reveal company secrets to gain a competitive advantage.

As we have identified the main potential threats, now it’s time to inform you of the possible solutions.

Domestic Security

Close Protection – The most effective type of security for individuals or families is close protection. Close protection officers or body guards as they are also called aim to protect an individual or group of people from assault, stalking, kidnapping, terrorist attack, loss of sensitive information and other potential threats. The primary reason this type of security is so effective is due to the instant response of the security personnel to any threat.

Residential Security – The most effective way to protect your home and family is by having someone stationed there 24/7 365 days a year who is trained to deal with any potential threat. Security guards will monitor CCTV, carryout regular patrols while ensuring all your doors and windows are secure and will of course control access to your property. They can of course carryout a wide range of other tasks such as screening your mail, feeding your pets and collecting your mail while you are away and preparing your home for your return.

Commercial Security

Retail Security – Retail stores have always been and always will be targets for thieves looking to steal valuable items, for themselves or to sell on and make a quick buck. Did you know shop lifting increased 3% in 2015 according to the Office Of National Statistics, this may be due to many reasons however it is thought by many to be a symptom of the cuts in police numbers.

Sign in Sheet and Badge – A simple sign in sheet at the front of your office will allow you to keep a record of everyone who has entered and left the building if enforced correctly. Furthermore a company badge separates staff from customers or visitors, it may also make your employees appear more professional and instil a greater sense of discipline.

Access Control – Access control is one of the most modern and effective ways to improve business security. Access Control systems are usually based on key fobs or cards which need to be scanned in order to enter a building or certain sector of a building. The greatest benefit of such a system is that it gives you total control of the potential movements of employees by restricting certain areas to certain individuals ensuring limited access to restricted areas which may contain valuable stock, sensitive documents, money or may contain dangerous items. Another great benefit of such a system is you will no longer need to worry about keys eliminating the risk of who hands they could fall into. Lost keys can pose a serious security threat however if you lose a card or fob simple delete it from the system and replace it when necessary.

Carry out Regular Property Inspections – If you carry out regular property inspections you will be able to identify any vulnerable points in your security which will then allow you to ensure these weak areas are made more secure.

Plan – Ensure you have a plan in place for any type of emergency such as a fire, theft, flood etc this will pay off if any such emergency occurs and is sometimes compulsory by insurance companies. Fire drills and what the procedures are if a robbery occurs should be practiced. This point is not so much about protecting your business but is more focused on protecting your employees.

Domestic and Commercial Security

External lighting – Dependant on your premises you may require some type of external lighting. The general idea of security lighting is to illuminate potential hiding places for criminals which then allows you or your CCTV cameras to see potential intruders. Apart from the extra security, external lighting can also add an aesthetic value to your home. There are a number of light systems on the market such as motion sensors which are only triggered when someone approaches, which is usually the best choice for built up areas as this lighting will cause minimal disruption to your neighbours. Another system is based on light levels which will turn on when the sun sets and will stay on until it rises.

Alarm Systems – Burglar alarms can play a crucial role in identifying and controlling threats. And as a consequence it is vital for any premises home or business to have a fully working alarm system. This will help keep any property secure 24/7. Alarms can be fitted to individual rooms or cover the whole building. Some of the new alarm systems connect to the internet and will allow you to monitor their status from your smart phone.

Closed Circuit Television – Closed Circuit Television or CCTV as it is more commonly known is now, due to leaps and bounds in picture quality is a must have security appliance. The general idea of CCTV is to act as a deterrent deterring any crime before it occurs, however if a crime still does occur everything is recorded and hopefully a snap shot of the felons face allowing the police to catch the suspect at a later date. For this system to work you must ensure all the cameras are placed strategically in and around your property. Such as around the car park, in and around any building entrance and in secure areas, or areas where no or limited personnel are allowed. Additionally if you have residential or retail security cameras they can give you an instant alert when anybody is trying to commit a robbery, theft or vandalism allowing your security to deal with the problem while also recording the crime acting as hard evidence in court.

Keypad locks – Keypad locks are excellent security features for the home or business as the usual means of overcoming locks are made useless. The primary advantage of using such a lock is that they are 100% pick proof. You will also no longer need to worry about a lost set of keys and whose hands they may have fallen into. This is primarily the reason many companies and individuals use this style of lock to protect their homes and businesses.

The primary disadvantage of keyless locks is that the code used to unlock the door can be easily told to other people. For example children or employees may carelessly tell others of the code giving unauthorised personnel access to areas they should not be accessing. The only real way to avoid such a problem is to use both a conventional lock and a keyless lock giving you the advantages of both systems while also eliminating some of their advantages.


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