How to Protect and Safeguard Your House From Intruders

It’s true – if a burglar really wants to get in to your property, they will. But there are certain measures you can take to make sure that if they are just opportunist thieves, they will be put off from targeting your place first.

Take note of these simple tips to make your house….well, as safe as houses.

  • If the front of your house looks like an easy target to a burglar, he can be sure that the back of the house will be even easier to get into. And once round the back, he’s far less visible. If you have side access to the back of your house, prevent unwanted guests from strolling round for a look, by adding a high fence and lockable gate.
  • Do you always make sure that you have secured all doors and windows when you leave the property? And if you’re out in the garden during the day, or in bed at night, all windows and doors should be locked shut or just slightly open. Remember: if there is a nine inch gap, a burglar can get in.
  • Take a fresh look at the front of your house. If your gate is open or broken, a thief may see it as a weakness. A closed and sturdy gate is a psychological barrier to intruders.
  • Display a “Neighbourhood Watch” sticker. Even if you’re out at work all day, a thief will be more wary if he thinks he’s in a neighbourhood where there are retired people at home watching passers-by.
  • Remember that burglars are lazy. If you have multi-point locks on your door, and someone down the road has just one, the burglar is less likely to be bothered with you – you’re too much like hard work! Talk to your locksmith about the best type of locks for all your doors.
  • Put blinds up at the windows. A thief might scout round the neighbourhood, looking through windows to see who has high-quality televisions and computers on display.
  • Where do you keep your keys, when you come into the house? Don’t tell me: by the door. A thief may have his eye on your car. All he has to do is open your door, grab the car keys, and he’s off! Find a less obvious place to keep your keys, such as a drawer further down the hall.
  • Leave a spare set of keys with a neighbour, by all means, but don’t label them with “Jim and Jean, no. 22”. If a burglar finds these keys whilst raiding someone else’s house, it gives him a golden opportunity to ransack your home too.
  • Don’t bother with a “Beware of the dog” sign. It’s often a sign that the owner doesn’t have an alarm. It might also indicate that you have left the back door open to let the dog get in or out.
  • Think twice about showing a burglar where you’ll be for the rest of the year. That calendar on display in the kitchen tells him when you have booked your two-week holiday, giving him a handy heads-up about when your house is going to be empty.

It’s all common sense, really. But just taking the time to put these simple tips into action could save you a lot of heartache in the future. Audit your security, and then visit your local locksmith to upgrade or replace your locks where necessary.


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