How To Protect Your Possessions In The Case Of A Burglary

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24hr Locksmiths and ITCC Locksmiths have recently written a number of articles on property security and what you can do to keep the burglar out. We also stressed, a determined burglar will always find a way in. So what can you do to minimize the damage from a determined burglar. 

Safe – A burglar has broken into your property with his trusty tool set. So he can break a window, he might be able to pick a lock, but can he gain access to a safe? I think not! A safe is a great place to store your valuable items, such as jewellery, large sums of cash and other important documents. If you are to purchase a safe, think about where you will locate the safe? If you purchase a small safe, think about a hiding place for it, otherwise the criminal may just run off with your safe with all of your possession inside. Ensure you locate the small safe in a hidden or hard to find location. An alternative if possible would be to hide your safe under your floor. If you have lots of items to keep safe and sound and the budget for it, you may want to consider a heavy duty safe. These safes are much larger and heavier and often filled with concrete. You can purchase a heavy duty safe from round £500 and the price increases with weight and level of security. 

Hiding Places – If you haven’t got a safe you may want to find a safe and hidden place to store your valuables such as cash, jewellery etc. Some places are listed below. 

  • Store cash and jewellery in decoy containers
  • Wrapped in plastic and aluminium foil and stored in the back of the freezer.
  • In the pocket of a particular shirt in your closet
  • In a “random” folder in your filing cabinet
  • In an envelope taped to the back of a wall decoration

Alarm – a fully functional and fully used alarm system is one of the best ways to scare off a burglar when he has broken into your property.  A full alarm system with a bell box, motion sensors and control console, which is activated every time you leave the property and at night when you are asleep. The high decibel ringing of the bell will scare off any intruder when his actions have been brought to the attention of your whole street. 

Check your insurance – If the worst was to happen and let’s say, in theory your house was broken into and the burglar damaged your property, they then proceeded  to steal some of your most valuable and treasured items. A terrible thought, you may not be able to get your sentimental items back but you may be entitled to claim their monetary value through your insurance. Now bear in mind, this does depend on your home insurance policy and the manner in which your house was broken into. For example, if you left your front door unlocked and the burglar walked in, you may not be entitled. However if your door had a British Standard lock fitted and this was engaged and the burglar bypassed the lock and entered, chances are you will be entitled to a claim. The next problem would be proving what possessions you had. A few ways you can help your case, is to keep all receipts, proof of ownership documents and photographs. These items can be used as evidence and reinforce your claim.  

Security Marking – If your valuables are stolen, there is a way to increase the chance of one day repossessing your goods. It involves marking your items and registering this on websites such as You can mark your items in a number of ways such as etching, chemical DNA marking or with a UV pen. This means if the item are to ever be stolen and found by the police there is a much higher chance of the police identifying you and returning it to its rightful owner. 

Remember if you are home during a burglary. Call the police and if possible evacuate the property. Many burglaries turn violent with offenders routinely carrying weapons. Be safe. 

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