Intercommunication Systems

Intercommunication SystemsIntercoms

You may be surprised to know that ITCC also install and maintain intercommunication systems or intercoms as they are more commonly known as. Intercoms mainly consist of an intercom panel which is linked to either to a gate or door.

The intercom outside will address one or a number of different groups inside the premises whether this be a home, flat or office. We can fit or supply any variation of intercommunication systems from simple telephone handset receivers to systems with a built in camera that transmits a colour or mono image of the door or gate area to a telephone handset with an in-built monitor. These systems are commonly used in flats and offices however they can sometimes fall victim to vandalism.

Digital Intercoms

We can also supply and fit digital intercom systems which replaces the large panel with a small keypad which is combined with an inbuilt speaker/microphone.  The keypad allows you to press in the number of the office or flat you wish to talk to.  This is an unobtrusive, stylish and long-lasting solution for large blocks of flats or offices. The video intercom system can also be linked to your TV.

Wireless Intercommunication Systems

We can install wireless intercom systems, they look very similar to the traditional wired version however the connection from the panel to the handset uses DECT technology to communicate wirelesses. Wireless intercom systems are particularly useful for listed buildings, which come with strict building restrictions. There are of course many other uses for the wireless intercom for example the care sector. The intended user may not be able to reach a wired intercom system which may be restricted in its location however a wireless intercom can be mounted anywhere such as at the bedside in easy reach of the user.


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