Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarms

Home and Business intruder/Burglary Alarm Systems

A burglar alarm is one of the best ways to deter a break in. Intruders are much more likely to target premises with no alarm then they are to target one with an alarm system.  By simply having a visible alarm box can make a potential intruder think twice before attempting to break in, or commit vandalism.  All of our locksmiths are trained and have a good level of knowledge and provide expert impartial advice about the best security system for your home or business. We can install and maintain your alarm system at a very competitive price.

Burglar alarm

Home Security Alarm Systems

There are a number of alarm systems on the market each come with their own level of security. We at ITCC source and fit every variety, from the common basic bell alarm to 24/7 alarms with an annual maintenance and inspection contract included. Some of the alarms systems we offer include a speech dialler alarm with a single motion sensor. The alarm by design calls a predetermined number and leaves a recorded alert when it detects movement, or you may feel safer with a police response alarm which is linked to your nearest police station. Give us a call and we can run you through the options and recommend the best one for your circumstance.

Security Alarm Systems for Businesses

A decent business security alarm can decrease your commercial insurance premiums in addition to keeping your premises safe and secure. We deliver fully integrated security systems this includes delivery, installation and after care support, to both physical and electronic security systems. ITCC are experts when it comes to security we are more than aware of the extra security processes required by government agencies handling sensitive and confidential information. It doesn’t matter how big or small the premises are we will tailor the security system and our service to your requirements.

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