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ITCC Locksmiths is a trusted family run business with over 10 years experience.We work with residents and business to bring you security and peace of mind.

    • ITCC Services
    • Door Opening
    • UPVC Door Mechanism Repair
    • Lock Replacement / Changing
    • Security Upgrading
    • Commercial and Insurance work to
    • Insurance inspection
      • Window Locks 
    • Patio, Doors, UPVC Doors, Wood-wen Doors, Metal Door 

Why ITCC Locksmiths

    • Affordable
    • Fully Qualified and Trusted
    • Local Service
    • 10 + Years Experience
    • 30 Minutes Arrival Time 
    • 24/7 Service

Locksmith Angel

ITCC Locksmiths in Angel, Islington 

ITCC Locksmiths have a team of locksmiths located all over greater London. and a technician and locksmith based near the Angel, who can usually be at your door within 30 minutes if needed. Otherwise you can make an appointment for a time which best suites your schedule.

All of ITCC locksmiths are all fully qualified & trained to undertake all general locksmith jobs such as removing and replacing locks, installing a new lock on both doors and windows in addition to gaining entry to properties using a number of means.  All of our locksmiths are fully equipped with a range of equipment and locks to complete most jobs then and there.

ITCC Locksmith Angel is a 24/7 providing around the clock service. All of our locksmiths live in the areas they serve and can be with you quickly if its an emergency, or you can always book an appointment by just giving us a call.

Security Tips 

  1. Always double lock your doors, if you fail o do so criminals can relatively easily bypass your door using a number of quick and simple methods. The Police always recommend this too.
  2. If you leave your house a a few days a big stack of unopened letters and other mail is a sure indicator the property is empty,  it may be worth while ensuring your letters are collected by a trusted family member, friend or neighbour to collect your mail, an alternative to this is Royal Mails Keep Safe Service.
  3. When you leave your home ensure your windows have a curtain or blind which obstruct people from viewing your house and its possessions.
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