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Locksmith Belgravia

We have a locally living locksmith in Belgravia who is on call around the clock and always aims to arrive at your door in 30 minutes of your call. All of our locksmiths are professionals and are certified. Additionally all of our technicians and locksmiths have had a DBS check carried out for your peace of mind.

Our Locksmith Belgravia can

  • Unlock your doors including UPVC, car locks, window locks, door locks
  • Board up a window or door after a break in
  • Gain access to a safe
  • Install Electric Locks
  • Repair your locks
  • Install a Safe

We can also install
Access ControlLocksmith Belgravia

12 month guarantee on all of our work

We take great pride in providing all of our customers both commercial and domestic with the best possible service, in fact we strongly believe word of mouth advertising has helped grown our business. To ensure this continues and ensure you as the customer are satisfied by our service all of the work our locksmith Belgravia  comes with a 6 month guarantee. So on the very rare occasion we do make a mistake, we will always rectify the error at no charge.

Crime in Belgravia

Belgravia is located in the borough of Westminster which surprisingly has one of the highest burglary rates according to the telegraph which states Westminster has the third highest number of burglaries 113 per Km. One of the main reasons for this is the areas housing density as well as the prosperity of these properties attracting opportunist thieves.

According to the Metropolitan police website Westminster had 3294 burglars reported in 2015. While in the small area of Belgravia burglaries total 109 and 40 car thefts while Westminster had 827 in total.

Due to these figures we have devised a small list of tips to help you keep your property as secure as possible.

1. We highly recommend a burglar alarm as these are one of the top burglar deterrents that are proven to work. In fact when a burglar sees an alrm they usually move onto a sofer easier target.
2. Most burglars gain entry through the front and back doors so it becomes vital these areas are made as secure as possible. We can install London bars on the frames of your door making the door almost impossible to kick down. You should always remember even the strongest of locks can be kicked down if the frame is weak.
3. One of top items stolen are bicycles ensure these are locked up saftily in either your home, shed or garage. If you do keep valuables in your garage or shed ensure the windows are obscured with a curtain or blinds. As the less enticing it is to break in the less chance anyone will. We can also install a burglar alarm in your shed or garage which like a normal alarm will emit a high frequency notice when triggered.
4. If you have a garden or an alley which leads directly to your front door, you maywant to consider getting ITCC to fit a light which is triggered by movement. These motion sensor lights will turn on when someone approached staraling any vandal and exposing them, for someone to see or for CCTV images.

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The map above shows the centre of the location served by our Belgravia Locksmith.

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