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ITCC Locksmiths are partnered with all major lock and security product manufactures to bring you the best and most affordable products on the market. Our locksmiths carry a comprehensive range of locks including Euro cylinders for UPVC doors, rim locks and dead locks for wooden doors, cam locks for letter boxes and cupboards. We also supply install and change a wide range of high security locks such as ABS, Banmham, Ingersol, Mul-T-lock and many more. 

ITCC Locksmiths

ITCC Locksmiths are a trusted and professional run family locksmith company based in London. Who over the years has built a solid reputation based on a comprehensive and professional approach to business. Our locksmith Brentford is no exception. 

Our Brentford locksmith is fully trained to bypass all types of lock in addition to change and replacing them. Our locksmiths are specially trained to fix and replace UPVC door mechanisms . 

Security Advice 

 Our locksmith Brentford has been working as a locksmith for years and over that time has built up knowledge on how best to defend against a burglary. Some of his suggestions are below. 

UPVC Doors are fitted to many homes in the Brentford area. UPVC doors are extremely resistant to forceful attacks due to the multi point locking system. However they are prone to fishing attacks. This simply involves putting  a hook through the letter box to push the handle down. This can be simply overcome by locking your door with the keys as this prohibits the mutlipoint systerm from unlocking with a key. 

Wooden doors are fitted to many home and our Brentford locksmiths knows how vulnerable these doors can be forceful attacks as well as bypassing. Our locksmith Brentford recommends installing a London and Birmingham bar to your door, this dramatically increases the doors ability to withstand a brute force attack. 

Furthermore when people leave their home they tend not to lock their doors as they presume the door locks itself. This is correct for the top lock which generally tends to be a rim lock. Rim locks can easily be bypassed with the right know how.  People generally don’t lock their bottom lock which is usually a deadlock and extremely difficult to bypass, we always recommend locking your deadlock.

Simple behavioural changes can decrease the chance of a burglary substantially. For example by closing your curtains it stops potential thieves from seeing the contents of your home.  

Another simple change you can make is to close your windows when you leave your home and at night. If closign you 

Another simple way to prevent being burgled is to install a home safe to store money, jewellery, important documents and laptops in this will protect your most precious items if the worst was to happen. . 


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