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Known locally as the best emergency locksmiths in Carshalton, ITCC is a family-run business that has earned its high reputation over the years on the basis of strong customer service. The team offers a round-the-clock emergency locksmith service, so day or night – whatever your emergency – they will be there to sort out your security. Our numbers – 020 8302 9005 or mob 07796252970 – get you straight through to our team, without the need to negotiate call centres. They’ll give you a quote over the phone and will then drive straight to your premises to help you.

Make sure you do all you can to make your property secure enough to deter the casual thief. ITCC’s locksmith Carshalton is only a phone call away, and can come out to advise you about ways to improve your security. A small amount of routine work is often all that’s needed to make your property more secure. Often, these measures don’t cost anything – it can be a case of cutting back vegetation to make sure your property is visible from the road. But our locksmith in Carshalton can suggest low cost ways to reduce your chance of being targeted by thieves.

For example, ask him how you can illuminate high risk areas and make sure it’s easy for you to see people approaching. Security lighting can be used to make burglars feel vulnerable and observed, so ask your local locksmith Carshalton to fit motion sensor lights for you, sooner rather than later.

Our locksmith Carshalton loves visiting this area. It has such a village-y feel (even though the busy A232 runs through the area), and there are some lovely buildings and green spaces in the village conservation area. He has even been known to recommend some of the sights to his friends; the Water Tower, for example, and the Honeywood Museum, which are both Grade II listed buildings. Our locksmith Carshalton also likes the range of independent shops in the area. There are art shops, gift shops and coffee shops to choose from when you’re visiting.

It’s also a great place for the commute to London, according to the locksmith Carshalton. Trains run from Carshalton to Victoria in around 25 minutes, and it’s only 10 miles from Charing Cross. But living in a picturesque village like Carshalton does mean that properties can be a magnet for thieves. The ITCC locksmith Carshalton is regularly called to local properties to sort out the aftermath of break-ins.

That’s why ITCC’s locksmith SM5 in Carshalton offers a full range of emergency services in addition to the more routine call-outs. In the aftermath of a burglary, he offers a professional 24-hour boarding service for broken windows and doors as a temporary measure, throughout your area. As a Carshalton locksmith in SM5 local to you, he knows that your security is paramount, and he’ll be with you in thirty minutes to carry out any necessary repairs. Our locksmith in SM5 also replaces broken window and door locks at a time to suit you. There are no call-out charges and you will always receive a friendly and efficient service.


Let’s finish with a couple of lesser known facts about Carshalton.

Did you know that Carshalton was once the lavender capital of the world? There are in fact two historic lavender fields. One is a charitable community project and the other is a commercial business called Mayfield. Very popular with tourists!

And the chances are you weren’t aware of the pop connections that Carshalton has: Cliff Richard went to school here, and most of the seventies pop group Mud are from here, too!

Like the locksmith Carshalton, I bet you never knew there was so much in it!

The map location above refers to the centre of the postcode served, rather than the discrete location of one of our agents or premises.

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