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Need an emergency locksmith Chelsea SW3 or SW6? An experienced and knowledge locksmith who can get to you in a hurry? Give us a call at ITCC! Our locksmith Chelsea can be with you in around thirty minutes.

For an experienced Chelsea locksmith SW3 or SW6, look no further! Mike and his team are all ready to help with any lock or key emergency.

On call twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Our Chelsea locksmith SW3 or SW6 team comes prepared with most makes of locks and keys to guarantee that your neighbourhood stays safe and sound. Whatever you’re emergency; our locksmith Chelsea SW3 or SW6 is nearby. He will have your emergency sorted out quickly and hassle free.

Home and Office Security

Our local locksmith Chelsea deals with all kinds emergencies. However, he is also pleased to come to your home or business to advise you about the security of your property. He has loads of useful information to give you as he has been a locksmith in Chelsea for many years.

The area he covers includes Knightsbridge to the north. Fulham to the northwest and Battersea to the south. He is often found visiting this exclusive and upmarket areas of London. It is an area that is home to many of the wealthiest people in the country, and has the largest community of Americans living outside of the United States. He can advise on the best way to increase the security of some of the world’s most valuable residents. From mews cottages to large detached period homes, he has all the information you need.

Unfortunately, the very characteristics that make Chelsea a desirable place to live for residents also make it a magnet for burglars. Which is why you might like to consider asking our Chelsea locksmith about fitting Avocet’s ABS locks to your doors. Avocet locks are only available through a selection of carefully controlled and trusted locksmiths. These locks offer you complete control of the keys for your property.

anti snap locks ITCC Locksmiths Chelsea

AVOCET ABS Anti Snap Locks

Have you heard of Avocet Anti-Snap Locks?

We are an official Elite Supplier of Avocet products. Most cylinder locks can be snapped in seconds by a burglar. This is why ABS locks have a unique ant-snap design which helps to fully secure your property.

ABS locks come with high security keys that cannot be cut at just any key cutting shop. We have invested in the latest key cutting equipment to enable us to cut Avocet keys for you.

When your ABS locks are installed, you are supplied with a card. This key card has a unique key code for your lock. You then have to input this key code onto the ABS corporate website. If and when you need a new key cut, just visit an Elite or Super Elite key cutting centre, such as the ITCC Locksmith’s shop.

Only Elite or Super Elite centres like ITCC Locksmiths have access to the key security data. They will then ask you security questions that you entered onto your key registration form. This ensures that only you, as the correct key holder, can get your keys cut. The unique code also means that we do not require your actual key to cut a new key for you! So if you have lost all your keys there is no need to worry.


Our Locksmith Chelsea Tips for you!

In the meantime, there are other, simple ways to improve the security of your building

Here are just three favourite tips from our locksmith Chelsea:

  • Get your local ITCC locksmith in SW3 or SW6 to fit key-operated locks for all accessible windows. ‘Accessible’ means all windows that can be reached without a ladder, which have an opening of at least 9″ by 9”.
  • Are there parts of your garden that offer concealment for potential burglars? Illuminate high risk areas with motion sensor lights. Ensure it’s easy for you to spot potential intruders approaching. Security lighting can be used to make offenders feel vulnerable and may act as a deterrent. Your local locksmith Chelsea can supply you with a suitable range of lights at a reasonable cost.
  • Could it be probable that someone has made copies of your keys without your knowledge? Have you misplaced your keys? Recently moved household? You should think about asking your locksmith in Chelsea SW3 or SW6 to replace your locks.


The map location above refers to the centre of the postcode served, rather than the discrete location of one of our agents or premises.

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