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Help from your emergency locksmith in Covent Garden is never too far away.

Looking for a Covent Garden locksmith WC2 right now? Then look no more, we work all day every day.

Your locksmith Covent Garden can get you back in your home or office and can solve any lock emergency. We can be at your home or business in around 30 minutes any day any time.

24 Hour Boarding Services in Covent Garden WC2

24 hour boarding services

As ITCC’s locksmith in WC2 we offer a comprehensive range of emergency services as well as catering for more routine call-outs. If you have been ill fated enough to have had your premises burgled, we can offer a professional 24-hour boarding service. This is good momentary procedure to secure broken windows and doors and is on offer throughout your area.

As your local locksmith in Covent Garden, we know that your security is overriding. We are often in and around the area working for local residents or business, either to improve their security or to fix,  lock emergencies that have occurred.

You can also book an appointment with our locksmith in WC2 he can replace damaged window and door locks which ever time suits you best. There are no hidden costs and you will always receive a friendly and professional service.
Your local locksmith WC2, will provide a comprehensive assortment of equipment to get the job done fast. We take on all sorts of jobs, from fixing patio door mechanisms, to replacing locks.

Don’t take your security for granted. It’s easy to be too relaxed about the safety of your own home when you have never faced a security breach before. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to us, your locksmith in Covent Garden. We know the buildings in Covent GardLocksmith Covent Gardenen very well and can provide you with useful information to improve security.

Don’t forget your windows!

We have a lock solution for every style of home. You may want to guarantee that your sash windows are fully protected, for example. Ask me, as your locksmith Covent Garden for advice.

Your local ITCC locksmith can provide you with designs for additional sash fasteners for each window. These are robust and easy to use, which means you can leave the window open a few inches for ventilation while still feeling safe and secure. We suggest that you fit two, one at each side of the window.

Another possibility is using the dual screw. These bolt the two sashes together. An extra bonus is that using these, you also decrease draughts coming through your window.

 A small selection of locksmith tips for you!

Our locksmith can cast a fresh eye over your property’s security and make useful recommendations. To start you off these are a few helpful tips.

  • You can purchase safes specifically designed for laptops? Choose a model with an internal shelf for digital media and hard drives and possibly some drawers for smaller items such as USB. Ask me, your ITCC locksmith in WC2 about the range available.
  • Have you ever thought about the value of items in your shed or garage? They’re probably worth more than assume! Talk to your locksmith Covent Garden about safeguarding the contents. I can fit a robust padlock to the door, with hidden screws that that are difficult to unscrew.
  • The side windows in your property are particularly vulnerable to thieves. They can be broken to reach keys and gain entry, so think about adding reinforced glass for extra security. As your locksmith Covent Garden, I can look at your window locks, too!

Don’t forget, if I know the properties in the area, it is likely that a burglar will too. Our job is to ensure that any potential intruder is deterred from entering your property. So why not call the ITCC locksmith Covent Garden team so that we can accomplish this together!

The map location above refers to the centre of the postcode served, rather than the discrete location of one of our agents or premises.

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