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ITCC provide residents and business with a trusted and professional emergency locksmith service. We cater for simple tasks such replacing/repairing locks, evaluating The security of your property and cutting keys, to more complex work such as installing security lights, CCTV, burglar alarm systems and access control for offices. We are on call 365 days a year all day all nights. We cover the whole of London and parts of North Kent.

Looking for an Emergency locksmith in Thornton Heath?

Then you’ll be happy to find a Locksmith CR7 who you can depend upon. All of our locksmiths Thornton Heath are fully insured, police checked (DBS) and approved. All of which ensures you are safe at a time you are most vulnerable.  You can give us a call on 020 8302 9005 any day any time. At first not being able to gain entry into your home may appear as a mere inconvenience, however finding yourself locked out after work can soon become quite a daunting prospect. It’s worth knowing a professional 24 hour locksmith CR7 who can fix any lock  problem you may have. You may also want to consider adding our emergency locksmith Thornton Heath number to your phone.  Then if you need help in the early hours of Sunday morning our locksmith can come your house and get you in ASAP. We are also available for more routine work, so if you don’t need him urgently you can also book an appointment for a time that suits your schedule. Our locksmith in Thornton Heath will drive to your business or residence with his van packed fully of the latest locks keys and tools to ensure the job is completed on the first visit. He’s a well-known emergency locksmith in CR7 and has been working in the area for a number of years and over time has come to know the area very well, he is usually in the area replacing locks or maintaining burglar alarms or CCTV systems. He knows a bit of the history of this suburb, which developed from 1861 with the coming of the railway. It was once an isolated rural outpost, but when the railway was built, the town became a typical suburban ribbon development. In effect it was the final piece of the urban jigsaw, linking London and Croydon and completing the greatest metropolitan expansion in the world at that time. Unsurprisingly, its popularity continues to grow, with property prices up 9% over the past couple of years.

Our locksmith CR7 is happy to share impartial advice and shares this routinely with customers. So if need someone to come round and evaluate your homes security and spot any weak points call our locksmith Thornton Heath he will also recommend ways to make these areas more secure.

In the meantime take a look at a number of our locksmith’s helpful tips which aim to make your home a more secure place to live.

  1. What kind of lock have you got on your front and back doors? Did you know nearly 90% of homes in the UK have Yale Euro cylinder locks. These lock are vulnerable to what we call, lock snapping. This is when the burglar uses brute force to expose the inside mechanism and thus render it useless. We recommend you get your locksmith in CR7 to fit an ABS lock. These are some of the best on the market they come with the highest security rating are police endorsed and are also pick resistant too.
  2. If you are thinking about a new drive way anytime soon you may want to consider laying gravel. Gravel makes it easier to hear incoming intruders and also acts as a deterrent due to the noise.
  3. Have you ever considered having a burglar alarm system installed or even a CCTV system? Well if you haven’t it may be worth considering, CCTV and burglar alarm systems are proven deterrents for potential intruders and the mere site of a camera or alarm will usually be enough to make the bulgur to seek a softer target.
  4. Did you know the most likely time for a burglar to strike is during the summer months, as people usually leave doors and windows open, families are on holiday and people are generally less cautious? So even if you not relaxing in the garden keep the doors locked and if you go out ensure all doors and windows remain locked even if you’re just popping out for 5 minutes.

Your locksmith Thornton Heath is knowing.

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