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Locksmith East Molesey

We have a local locksmith in your area who will respond to any emergency lock or security problem any time of the day or night. Our locksmith East Molesey lives local to the area and as a result he will respond to your call at any time and will always attempt to arrive at your emergency under 30 minutes.

Our emergency locksmith in East Molesey can tackle any lock problem quickly and at a very affordable price. We ensure all of our locksmiths are trained  to high standards so they can unlock or repair any lock including car doors, and vintage locks. We ensure our entire field staff are trained in the latest techniques and carry the best tools to get the job done quickly.

Our emergency Locksmith East Molesey can

  • Unlock your doorsLocksmith East Molesey
  • Install new locks
  • Repair existing locks
  • Trusted Qualified Locksmith

All of our locksmiths have had to go through extensive training with our most experienced locksmiths who have been in the trade over 15 years.

ITCC is certified to ensure your safety and peace of mind all of our locksmiths and technicians are DBS checked.

Crime in East Molesey

According to Surrey police there was 204 burglaries in both East and West Molesey in 2015. Now this is slightly higher than average when compared to other areas of London making up almost 8% of all crime in the area. This may be due to any number of reasons, however it is known for burglars to target suburban areas as the homes are usually easier to access.

Bike thefts made up almost 6% of all crime with over 60 bikes being stolen.

Garages and Sheds are favourites targets for criminals as they are easier to access and usually safer as they are less likely to be caught.

We have come up with a number of simple to follow tips which will help you to not become a  statistic.

Locksmith Tips

  1. The majority of locks sold in the UK and installed in UK homes are vulnerable to snapping which is a technique used by criminals to expose the mechanism inside of the lock using just a screw driver to render the lock useless. That’s why we at ITCC promote the use of the ABS 3 star lock which is both pick and snap resistant and is endorsed by the metropolitan police. Ask our Locksmith in East Molesey for further details.
  2. As we said sheds and garages are prime target for thieves. The 5 most stolen items form a shed or garage is as follows.
  • Bikes
  • Sports equipment
  • Power Tools
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Garden Tools

To help protect these items we suggest you anchor your bike and lawn mower to something very heavy such as a heavy metal box or chain them to the floor, you should also store any tools in lockable box. The heavier and bigger something is the less likely it is to be stolen.

  1. Ensure your garage is secure and your windows are covered with curtains or cloudy film or protected with grills. If criminals cannot see through the glass they will not know what is inside and thus have less reason to break in and if the windows are covered with security grills the burglar will have a very difficult time breaking in unless they use force against the door.
  2. Your shed should be made secure with a strong padlock with the screws hidden making it almost impossible for a burglar to bypass. And again ensure your windows are covered.

If you require a security survey carried out on your home or business give our locksmith East Molesey a call to book an appointment.

The map refers to the centre of the area served.

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