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Have you just managed to lock yourself out of your home?? Well this is quite unfortunate but not too much to worry about. ITCC has a locksmith in the Elephant and Castle area who is always on call to help you in your time of need. So whether it is 1 in the morning or 1 in the evening we are always on hand to help you.

So if you are locked out, lost your key the lock is jammed just call our Elephant and Castle Locksmith on 02083029005. We will evaluate your situation then provide a clear quote over the phone. And when our locksmith in elephant and Castle arrives he will advice on the best course of action depending on the level of security you require and your budget.

Locksmith Elephant and Castlelocksmith Elephant and Castle

The elephant and castle is located in Newington and is a major road junction in London. The junction was up until very recently located between two notorious estates the Aylesbury and the former Heygate which has been demolished. This inner city location has been known as a crime hot spot and is known for high levels of violence drugs and burglaries.  

Tips from our Locksmith

There are a number of simple things that we would recommend to make your flat more secure. The main thing is to ensure that you have a strong front door to your flat, with good quality locks. Your ITCC locksmith in the Elephant and Castle can advise you about the best type of locks for your particular door. If it’s a PVCu door, it will probably have a multi-locking system, which will mean you meet the current insurance standards and will be covered in the event of a burglary through your front door. But a good locking system is only any good if you use it. Lock up when you go out, and lock up at night. Always remember to remove the key when the door is locked, and put it somewhere easily accessible in case you need to get out in a hurry.

Other tips for flat-dwellers from our emergency locksmith. 

•             Make sure that you and your neighbours always shut the communal entrance door behind you. Doors should never be left wedged open. This would allow anyone to walk in and out, and it also contravenes the fire regulations.

•             Don’t let anyone follow you in when you enter via the security door of the building – unless you know them, of course! This practice is called ‘tailgating’.  Non-residents and people up to no good will deliberately wait for someone to enter or leave the block to get in, in this way.

But whatever type of property you have, the local locksmith Elephant and Castle knows which locks and security systems that will be most effective for your circumstances, and can help you decide what to install within your budget.

If you are worried about your homes security please give our locksmith  Elephant and Castle a call. We can send one of our technicians who will take a good look at your homes security discovering any weak points and will then draw up a list of security recommendations in order to make your home s safe as possible.

This map refers to the centre of the area served, rather than the location of one of our agents or premises.

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