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Locksmith Fitzrovia

As an experienced locksmith Fitzrovia we know that when ycanou have lost your key, locked yourself out of your home or even your car it can be stressful and annoying to say the very least. And we know you want to be back in your home or car straight away. So it is a good thing our locksmith lives local to Fitzrovia and  be at your location in around 30 minutes of your call and sometimes sooner.

Fully trained qualified and local Fitzrovia locksmith 24/7

We at ITCC have a local locksmith Fitzrovia that lives locally and best of all, he is on call 24/7 so whenever you have a problem we will be able to fix it quickly.
We provide a range of emergency locksmith services which include but are not limited to
• Unlocking doors
• Unlocking cars
• Changing locks
• Boarding up your windows after a break in
We also deliver a full range of routine locksmith services which you can book an appoint for. Just givesLocksmith fitzrovia us a call and see how we can help.

We can also fit and maintain
2. Access Control
3. Safes
4. Alarms

Crime in Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia is one of the trendiest parts of London with the average rent for a 2 bedroom per month is £1270 making it one of the most expensive places in London to live. This wealth can attract the eye of criminals such as burglars and professional car thieves who use all sort of cleaver methods to steal your valuable items.
According to the telegraph the borough of Westminster had the third highest rates of burglary in London in 2015 with 113.6 burglars taking places every square kilometre. This is thought to be mainly due to the density of the local population as well as its wealth which can act as a pull factor for burglars.
We have come up with a number of simple tips to help you help yourself.

Tips from our Locksmith

1. The most likely places burglars target is believe it or not the front or back door. Now the vast majority of homes in the Fitzrovia are flats and that’s why it is important to balance fire safety with security. Ensure your door meets British standard 3621 ideally with a 5 leaver mortice deadlock .
2. If you have wooden doors ensure it is not hollow. Hollow doors can easily be forced open even by the weakest of burglars, ensure your door is solid wood. The door should be at least 44 mm thick and reinforced with metal stripes called a London or Birmingham bar which will increase the frames resistance to forced entry.
3. Letter boxes should be fitted either with a cage or an internal cover as this will prevent criminals using cleaver a technique known as fishing to tamper with the lock.

The map refers to the centre of the area served and not the location of one of our locksmiths or buildings.

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