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Locksmith Ladbroke Grove

ITCC provide a 24 hour emergency locksmith Ladbroke Grove to locals. Our locksmith lives locally and as he is close he will usually arrive at your location in around 30 minutes.

Our local Ladbroke Grove locksmith has been DBS checked  for your safety and peace of mind and trained to our high standards. We ensure all of our locksmiths undergo extensive training by our top locksmiths who have over 15 years work experience. This ensures you get the best  service and we can unlock any door or lock without causing damage.

We only supply locks and keys which meet British standard 3621 which is a measure of theft resistance set by the British standards institute.

We are certified by the UKLSA and are fully insured because you never know.

Our skill set includes much more than just keys and lock we can also

  • Fit a Safes to store your money, jewelry, paper work and anything else you consider valuable or important. We supply a wide range of safes from small safes ideal for documents all the way to huge safes which weigh in excess of 150 KG making them almost impossible to steal.
  • We can fit and maintain CCTV which will allow you to record the inside or outside of your premises 24/7. Some of the newer systems connect to the internet through blue tooth allowing you to see a live video stream.
  • We can fit and maintain intercom systems allowing you to control who is allowed into the premises.
  • We can install and maintain Access control systems which allows you to control the movements of employees ensuring only authorised personal can enter certain areas and only employees can enter the building.
  • Your locksmith Ladbroke Grove can also fit alarm systems to your property including your shed. When triggered these alarms will emit a high pitch noise which will draw attention and hopefully will prevent any further criminal actions.
  • We always advocate you invest in good quality locks all of our locks meet British standard 3621 which is a measure of theft resistance set by the British standards institute.

Crime in Ladbroke Grove

Ladbroke Grove is situated in one of the lowest crime rate boroughs and as a result has a very  low crime rate in contrast to the rest of the city. However what is surprising is that bike theft makes up almost 8% of all crime in the area.

We have come up with a small list of simple tips which will help enhance your security.

Tips from our Locksmith

  • Thin glass panels should ideally be reinforced with security film, grills or laminated glass, this will help ensure any wannabe intruder will have a tough time smashing through.
  • One of the best burglar deterrents on the market are audible burglar alarms, the mere site of an alarm system is usually enough to deter a burglar. We can install these in your home, garage and shed.
  • Any accessible window so any window below the 2nd floors should have key operated windows.
  • If you keep your bike locked in the shed ensure the shed is secure and the bike is anchored to the ground using a chain and hook.

The map refers to the centre of the area served.

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