Locksmith London Bridge

ITCC Locksmiths Services 

  • Door Unlocking 
  • Lock Change / Installation 
  • Emergency Locksmith Service 
  • Burglary Repair 
  • UPVC Door & Window Repairs  

Locksmith London Bridge

ITCC Locksmith Services

Door Unlock

Our Locksmith in London Bridge is fully capable of unlocking all doors fitted with any type of lock, using the most modern methods and equipment.  

Lock Change & Replacement

Lock Change / Installation

If you require a lock replaced or a lock installed on a new door, in or around the London Bridge  area our locksmiths carry a comprehensive range of locks to meet any requirement.

Emergency Locksmith Service 24/7

Emergency Locksmith

ITCC’s 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service can be at your door in little as 20-30 minutes, 24/7 to unlock your doors, repair your broken locks or conduct burglary repairs. 

UPVC Door and Window Repair

UPVC Door & Window Repair

UPVC Doors  & Windows can be a nightmare when they don’t work, fortunately our locksmiths can usually repair the faulty locking mechanisms or if needed, replace them. 

Burglary Repair Service / window Boarding

Burglary Repairs

If you have been a victim of burglary or vandalism we can quickly arrive at your property to conduct repairs to your doors and even board up your windows. 


Security Upgrade

Our locksmiths carry a range of security accessories which can enhance your security such as peep holes, door chains, London and Birmingham bars and many other accessories, all of which can be beneficial to your home or business security. 

Only Trusted & Reputable Suppliers

ITCC Locksmiths only source our locks and equipment from the most reputable security manufactures and suppliers which include, Yale, Era, Union, Avocet, Squirrel, Master, Maxus, Banham & many others. 

We ensure all of our skilled locksmiths arrive equipped with a comprehensive range of High Security Locks which meet British standards, Euro Cylinders, 3 & 5 leaver Mortice Locks, Sash Locks, Rim Cylinders, Latches, Shutter Locks, Pad Locks, Bullet Locks, Post box Locks, UPVC Mechanism & Gear Boxes and anything else you could use to improve the security of your home or business. 

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Why Call ITCC Locksmiths In London Bridge

12 Month Guarantee On All Parts & Labour

12 Month Guarantee

To ensure your long term satisfaction and peace of mind, we guarantee all of our work for a minimum of 12 months. 

Fast Arriving Locksmith Services

20 - 30 Minutes Arrival

We are never too far away, we have teams all over Greater London and can usually attend any property within 20 – 30 Minutes of the initial call. 

DBS Checked Locksmiths For Your peace of Mind

DBS Checked Locksmiths

We ensure our locksmiths and technicians have been DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) background checked for your peace of mind. 

ITCC Locksmiths Logo

About ITCC Locksmiths

ITCC Locksmiths is a family run locksmith company from London with over 13 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Some of our locksmiths have over 25 years of experience, making them fountains of knowledge and truly experts when it comes to home and business security.  

We ensure all of our locksmiths are trained and equipped to complete most jobs in single visit.

We strive to leave all customers with a smile on there face. 

Local Locksmith in London Bridge

We are not just exclusively based in London Bridge we have others teams of locksmiths and technicians located all over Greater London and the surrounding areas, meaning we are never too far away

Locksmith London Bridge ITCC Shop

ITCC Locksmith Shop

Comprehensive Locksmiths Services

ITCC Locksmiths specialise in every aspect of property security both internal and external security, we can do much more then just fit and replace your locks. No matter what type of situation you find yourself in from a small simple job such as opening a locked door to a comprehensive security overhaul of your home or business security,  our locksmiths have been trained to resolve whatever issue you have. 

Our Locksmiths and technicians have been delivering a top class comprehensive locksmith service to thousands of customers, resolving all manner of problems for the last 13 years. 

For a comprehensive and professional locksmith service, 365 days a year, ITCC is the right choice. 

Call ITCC London Bridge Locksmiths If You Have:

  • Lost your Keys 
  • Key Snapped In The Lock 
  • Locked Yourself Out / In
  • Window Jammed
  • Sticky Locks 
  • Need a Lock Replacement 
  • Need a New Lock Installation 
  • Enhance Your Properties Security 
  • Eviction Services 
  • UPVC Door Problems 
  • Locksmith Near Me

    Find a locksmith near you, ITCC locksmiths have a team of highly  skilled locksmiths and security technicians stationed all over London. 

    Local Emergency Service

    ITCC Emergency Locksmiths in London Bridge can be with you in as little as 20 minutes to resolve any lock or security related problem you have, simple or complex.

    Residential Locksmiths

    We can come to your home and undertake  any type of domestic locksmith services no matter how big or small., simple or complex. 

    Commercial Locksmiths

    Our locksmiths can secure your commercial premises with a wide range of products, from High Security locks, access control systems, electronic gates and shutters, to intercoms and much more. 

    Security Advice & Helpful Tips

    Home Security is of vital importance, but this aspect is often overlooked as many of us believe we will not become a victim of such a prolific crime. Unfortunately this belief is often misplaced.

    Tip 1: Many thieves are opportunist and many burglaries are not planned. One way to deter opportunistic thieves is by keeping any valuable items out of site. You can do this in a number of ways which include;

    • Obscuring people from seeing inside of your home with curtains or blinds.
    • Keeping your garden clean and tidy with anything of value stored away. 
    • Placing any valuable items such as jewelry in a safe, out of sight. 

    Tip 2: Burglars tend to target properties which are unoccupied, primarily due to the decreased chance of being catch red handed. So it would make sense to make it seem like your property is occupied even if it is not, you can do this in a number of ways which include:

    • Plug timers, to turn on appliances such as TV’s radios and lamps  during the day and night or whenever your home is empty. 
    • Smart bulbs can be remotely controlled from your phone to turn on and off or set to a schedule, this is a great idea during the night. 
    • If you are away for an extended period ensure you discontinue all deliveries and use Royal Mails keep safe service to withhold your mail. 

    Tip 3: Approximately 70% of burglars gain entry by using your doors. By upgrading the security of your doors you dramatically reduce the likelihood of a break in. You can do this by: 

    • Ensuring your door is fitted with a British Standard lock, these types of locks have been built to a higher standard when compared to your average lock and can withstand picking, bumping, snapping and a range of other commonly used techniques for a longer duration of time. 
    • Ensure you double lock your door with your key, by doing so you again stop criminals from using a variety of commonly used bypassing techniques such as hooking and sliding. 
    • Door accessories such as letter cages, door chains, London and Birmingham bars can help increase your doors overall security. 
    Tip 4Remember, 30% of all burglars gain entry by climbing through a window. If you haven’t already done so, ensure you install window locks. They are a lost cost and convenient a way to secure your home at any time, not just when you’re on holiday.

    To find more useful Security tips please visit our blog page

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