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Locksmith Lordship Lane
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Locksmith Lordship Lane

Our locksmith lives in east Dulwich which ensures he will usually be with you at the scene of your lockout or lock problem within 30 minutes. We offer a full locksmith service and can undertake both large and small, simple and complex jobs,  we can unlock, fix or replace any type of lock you may have, usually like for like. So whenever you are locked out, locked in or have any other type of lock problem or security problems you may have this includes CCTV, alarms and access control.

A trustworthy locksmith

All of our locksmiths have had DBS checks carried out to ensure none of our staff have any past criminal convictions. We also place an emphasis on training and all of our staff our retrained in the latest techniques we also use the latest technology which all means we can unlock any type of lock and complete the job quickly.

Crime in Southwark

Southwark has some of the highest levels of crime in the capital especially when it comes to violent crime.  Last year 31343 crimes reported of which 2958 were burglaries. You must remember your security is up to you, as police budget cuts take hold, solving burglaries has been pushed down the list of priorities for the Met.

Tips from our Locksmith

  • If you are lucky enough to own a garage ensure you use it. By parking your car in the garage you not only protect your car from the natural elements but thieves to. Also never leave any important documents in the car especially documents which relate to the car as thieves can use this paperwork to sell the car.
  • If you own a business in the Lordship Lane area you may want to consider getting us to install a CCTV system. CCTV is a very effective deterrent system and the recordings can also act as hard evidence in court increasing the chances of a conviction.
  • Generally burglaries occur during the week between the working hours as most people are either at work or in school. Through the year on average the highest number of burglaries are carried out during the summer months as people tend to leave doors and windows open. Your average burglar is male and aged between 18 and 25 and uses common household tools to gain entry such as a small hammer and screwdriver. They are on the lookout for small items which can easily be exchanged or sold such as jewellery, phones, laptops, tables etc. And with increasing police cuts burglary has been slipping down the list of priorities for the Met, a couple of years ago the police were solving 12% of all burglaries now they are only solving an embarrassing 6%.

The map refers to the centre of the area served and not the location of our locksmith

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