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Your ITCC local locksmith Manor Park E12 is ready to take your call. We operate a 24 hour a day 7 days a week emergency locksmith service, so whenever you are in a sticky situation and need your lock repaired or changed we will always help no matter the time or day. We only supply high quality locks which meet British Standard 3621 and European Standard EN12209.

When you call our locksmith Manor Park he will arrive in approximately 30 minutes to fix your problem, Our locksmith will be able to get you back into your home or business immediately and will cause no damage doing so and after he is done, he will clean up leaving your property as clean and tidy as when he arrived.

6 Month Guarantee

Our Manor Park locksmith provides all customers with a 6 month workmanship guarantee so we can safe guard your satisfaction into the medium to long term. Your satisfaction is of vital importance as word of mouth advertising has been crucial for the growth of our business, and so to encourage future growth we need to ensure our customers stay satisfied with our service. If you are ever unhappy with the service that we have provided you,  please inform us and we will do our best to make things right.

Crime in Manor ParkLocksmith Manor Park

Newham has one of the highest crime rates in the capital. Police cuts are putting more and more pressure on front line policing; burglaries are no longer primary objectives for police. The number of solved burglaries over the past five years has droped from 12 in 100 to just 6 in 100 burglaries being solved. The area of Manor Park in 2015 suffered 87 break ins on mainly domestic properties. If you spend a little money and time we can both ensure your home is safer and more secure.

Tips from our Locksmith

    1. If someone knocks on your door ensure you ask them for their ID before allowing anyone into your home. This can be safer if you have a peep hole and door chain.
    2. Properties with no security measures are up to 5 times more likely to be broken into than those with simple, affordable security measures. Good quality locks on your doors and windows, a peep hole, a letter cage and a chain lock can make huge difference.
    3. If you own an office in the Manor Park area you may want to consider Access control. This allows you to have entire control of who enters the building and who has access to the different sections of the property. For example you may have a room which contains sensitive documents which you don’t want to fall into anyone’s hands. You can restrict this room to only authorised personnel. Another benefit of such as system is that you no longer have to worry about lost keys. However if you do lose the fob or card you can just delete it from the database and replace when possible.

The map above refers to the middle of the location served and not the position of our locksmith.

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