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Our Locksmith operates around the clock 24/7 so whenever you are in an emergency and need to quickly get into your home we can usually be at the scene in 30-40 minutes sometimes even sooner depending on traffic conditions. Our RedHill locksmith is friendly, reliable and professional, he has been taught in both new and old fashion ways to pick or remove locks so we will always be able to help.

ITCC Locksmith in RedHill is part of a family run business which prides itself on not only delivering a top quality service at the best possible price and as we don’t pay fortunes for advertising we often have lower overheads when compared to the national locksmiths and we pass these savings on to you.

Our locksmiths will always strive to deliver a service which makes you happy. And in order to ensure your happiness in the medium to long term we offer a 6 month guarantee on all work, so in the extremely rare occasions our locksmith RedHill does manage to make a mistake we will always ensure it is corrected at no cost to your self.

RedHill Locksmith RH1 Service

  • Unlocking doors, windows, UPVC mechanism cupboards, gates etc etc
  • Change locks
  • Installing locks – Electronic locks, key pad locks, bio-metric locks
  • Install door closures
  • Upgrading locks
  • Fixing UPVC mechanisms

Why choose us

  • Local Service
  • Fast Arrival 30-40 minutes
  • DBS/CRB check locksmiths
  • Partnered with the police
  • Fully comprehensive service

Locks and brands we work withLocksmith RedHill

We work with all major lock suppliers which include but not limited to

  • Avocet
  • Yale
  • Chubb
  • Union
  • ERA
  • Sterling
  • Maximus

And locks we an fit supply and remove also include but are not limited to

  • Moretice  locks
  • Electronic lockABS Lock Supplier and Key Supplier
  • Bio metric locks
  • Bullet locks
  • Euro cylinders
  • UPVC Mechanisms

Security Advice

RedHill is located just outside of the M25 which is in easy reach of our locksmiths. According  to Surrey police burglarises made up almost 7% of all crime in the last 12 months with over 40 incidents being recorded and many more are thought to be never reported. Because RedHill is located in a suburban area it is more vulnerable to burglars looking to make a quick profit.

Thieves often target garages and sheds as these are often easier to gain access to. Protect your valuables by obscuring any windows and lock your shed with an alarmed padlock which will be set off if someone tries to tamper with it. You may also want to consider a garage defender as well as stand alone alarms which are very effective. We believe security lighting is also effective at deterring burglars, ensure you get us to install motion sensor lights to your shed and garage.

This is not the location of our locksmith RH1 but is the centre of the area served.

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