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Locksmith Shooters Hill

We have a local locksmith in Shooters Hill who can be at your door in 30 minutes of your call. We provide a full range of locksmith services from simple lock changes all the way to installing burglar alarms and CCTV, so no matter what lock or security problem you have encountered we can help.

Fully trained and trusted Locksmith

Our locksmith Shooters Hill is competent fully trained and insured. And for your peace of mind all of our field staff has had background checks carried out to ensure all of our staff our trustworthy. At ITCC we place a huge emphasises on training and ensure all of our staff are trained on a regular basis. This not only ensures we can unlock any type of lock but we can remove and install new ones without causing any damage.

ITCC has been working with local residents and businesses for over 10 years, so you can trust us and our skilled and proficient staff, to fix any lock problem you have and best of all we provide very affordable prices.

Crime in Shooters Hill

Shooters Hill is in the borough of Greenwich which has one of the lowest crime rates in London with 21908 reported crimes, of which 1836 were domestic and commercial burglaries. In the shooters hill area itself the area reported 724 crimes of which 82 were burglaries, this means that over 10% of crime in the shooters hill area is a burglary, which is astonishingly high. This may be due to recent police cuts which now only solve 6 in 100 burglaries. The protection and security of your home is up to you and only you, we can be a valuable partner in this by installing high security locks, alarms, CCTV and other security appliances, we can also provide you a bunch of free and impartial advice. Some of our useful tips are below.

Tips from our locksmith

  1. If your garden is slightly wild with big bushes or shrubbery creating great hiding places for possible intruders. Just cut themLocksmith Shooters Hill back to a reasonable level. This ensures you can spot anyone trying to hide and that passersby can see too.
  2. Did you know thieves can use your letter box to grab keys and tamper with the lock? To help prevent this ensure you store your keys away from the front door or windows or place the keys in a draw. You can also install a letter cage which will help prevent fishing for keys or tampering with locks.
  3. If you have a back garden with a side or back entrance, ensure the gate is kept locked with a strong padlock.

The map refers to the middle of the location served and not the position of our locksmith.

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