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Locksmith St Pancras

Our locksmith St Pancras is insured, fully DBS checked by the police and trained by ITCC who is certified by the UKLSA.  We value our customers and will always try to deliver the best possible service at the most affordable prices.

We offer a full range of Locksmith services just give us a call and see how we can help.

All of our locksmiths have at least several years experience before joining us and when they do join our company we ensure they go through a rigorous training programme and are taught by our best locksmiths which have over 15 years experience. This ensures our entire field staff are well versed in unlocking doors and changing locks without causing any collateral damage to the lock or door.

Your Trusted and Local 24 hour Emergency Locksmith St Pancras

We know when you are locked out its a stressful experience and you want to get it resolved as quick and cheaply as possible. Our locksmith lives locally and as a result he will usually be at your location in half an hour.

We will also provide you with very competitive prices and will give you a quote over the phone so you know exactly what the cost will be. Just give us a call lets us know your problem and we will be with you ASAP. If you don’t require our services right away you can book an appointment for almost anytime.

Crime in the St Pancras area

According to UK crime stats the area of St Pancras and nearby Holborn there was approximately 160 reported burglaries. Now if we  compare this to the population  we come up with a figure of approximately  6.1 burglaries per 1000 residents, which is above the national average.  One possible reason for this may be due to the high value of properties with the average price being £1.3 million in 2015, these homes will be viewed as more valuable targets as their contents may be higher in value.

Properties in the area vary from modern to classic Georgian and Edwardian architecture. These latter homes can be more vulnerable to a break in or vandalism as their windows and door locks tend to be much older and vulnerable to picking or lock snapping.

The style of homes and commercial properties ranges hugely from new flats to Georgian and Edwardian homes. The older the property the higher the security risk on average as older properties have less secure locks and can lack security systems such as an alarm or CCTV.

  1. A technique used by burglars to acquire keys off residents is called key fishing. If you leave your keys near the front door or window you could possibly become a victim of such a crime. Key fishing is when a wannabe intruder uses a rod of some kind such as a metal wire coat hanger to poke through your letter box or a small gap with the intention of hooking onto a set of keys, which they will later use to enter your home or steal your car.

The map refers to the centre of the area served and not the location of one of our locksmiths or buildings.

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