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Did you know that ITCC has local locksmith in Sunbury-on-Thames?
Your mobile locksmith in TW16 is merely a phone call away. You’ll get a speedy response when you phone him, and he can usually complete any work that needs to be done during his first visit. He offers emergency callouts 24/7, or he can book in a specific appointment to fit in with your schedule.
Our TW16 locksmith hates the hassle of call centres, and he knows you do too! He’s the Sunbury-on-Thames locksmith you can speak to with confidence right now.
When you meet him, ask him to look at your property’s security. He’s sure to think of ways in which you can make your home a safer place. He’ll look at your property with a fresh pair of eyes, and will offer tips like these:
• Prevent easy access to the back and sides of your home by installing high, locked gates. Ask your locksmith TW16 for a sturdy padlock to secure the gates. You could think about adding a trellis topping to an existing gate or wall, as this also makes climbing in more difficult
• Opportunist thieves can often approach houses where it looks as if nobody is at home. Consider installing a number of light timers around the house that come on at different times, from late afternoon onwards. Better still, talk to your locksmith Sunbury-on-Thames about installing a burglar alarm to your property.
• Never leave your keys in their locks. Keep them away from the door in safe place. Remember that burglars can use magnets to fish for your keys if you leave them within reach of the letterbox.
Give us a call to find out more about what your locksmith TW16 can do for you. He’s part of a friendly team of technicians at ITCC that can help you out with lock-related issue that you encounter, and would be glad to hear from you today.

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