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Locksmith White City
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Locksmith White City

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ITCC Locksmiths in White City is the right locksmith for you. All of our locksmiths are fully trained and ITCC Locksmiths are fully insured. We work with the Metropolitan Police in addition to other public and private sector businesses such as Barclays and the NHS, so you know we can help you.

All of our thoroughly train  in modern and traditional locksmith skills enabling to undertake any lock or general property security problem.

Services by our mobile Locksmith

  • Lock Change
  • Lock replacement
  • Door unlock
  • Property insurance inspection
  • Security additions to the door and home.
  • Burglar repairs

Locksmith White City

Home Security tips

  1. Your property security can be easy to neglect however such is it’s importance on our lives and family lives it should not be ignored. Many homes in the White city have wooden doors and are at risk of being burgled. It can be incredibly easy to open a door which is not double locked. However if you do double lock this helps secure against for popping, lock picking, fishing i.e pushing a metal hook through the door to turn the handle.
  2. Our White City locksmith is more than happy to check your property to ensure it comply s  with your home insurance policy. Did you know if your property does not comply with your policy your insurer is not obliged to payout leaving you out of pocket.
  3. A burglary costs on average approximately £1800 this includes replacing any stolen items in addition to repair costs, if you claim on your insurance the overall costs increase further. So the best thing really to do is to deter any burglar in the first place. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Visible deterrents are crucial ensure your locks meet British standards this can seen on the face plate of most locks. Light timers are also useful, if you programme the timers to turn on and off when your out the house it gives any burglar that the home is occupied and statistic’s  show occupied home are at less rick of being broken into.
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