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ITCC Locksmiths is a trusted family run business with over 10 years experience.We work with residents and business to bring you security and peace of mind.

ITCC Services Godstone 

    • Door Opening
    • Lock Replacement / Changing
    • Security Upgrading
    • UPVC Door Mechanism Repair
    • Insurance inspection
    • Commercial and Insurance work to

Why ITCC Locksmiths

    • 24/7 Service
    • Affordable
    • Local Locksmith
    • 30 – 40 Minutes Arrival Time 
    • Professional and Trusted
    • 10 + Years Experience

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Fully Equipped and Qualified 

ITCC Locksmiths in Godstone will come fully equipped with the latest locks and tools to bypass any lock in addition to being able to supply a range of locks, varying in price and security giving you control of the costs. All of our locksmiths have been fully trained to use more traditional and modern locksmith techniques and tools to get the job done.

12 Month Guarantee

All of our work is guaranteed for 12 months this includes parts and labour giving you peace of mind.


Fully Insured

ITCC Locksmiths holds full public liability insurance, covering all aspects

Fully Insured


ITCC work with the NHS, HMRC, Metropolitan Police, residents and commercial customers such as 24/7 Home Rescue, a number of estate agents and landlords.


Home Security 

Rural and suburban homes are more and more often being targeted by city based gangs who specialise in burglaries, and with fewer police on our streets they are increasingly getting away with such crimes, with less then 1 in 10 burglaries being solved. We have come up with simple to follow security advice to help protect you from such criminal acts.

  1. Ensure you have a medium or high security lock on your door. Lookout for a British standard kite mark. on the lock itself, however with older locks many are not displayed. Medium to high security locks meet British standard 3621 a standard set out by the British standards agency which assures a level of resistance to picking, bumping, drilling and other bypassing methods.
  2. If you have a wooden door it may be a good idea to have London and Birmingham bar fitted to your door frame. This strengthens the door frame helping ensure it can withstand forceful attacks, this however may not be an option on listed buildings, if this is the case a mental gate is also an option.
  3. Most properties have either a wooden or UPVC door. It is of vital importance that you double lock your door. Many UPVC doors lock when shut however criminals can still use some techniques to bypass the lock such as fishing and door popping. These can simply be stopped by double locking your door which engages the hooks and bolts. Wooden doors can and should be double locked to. Many wooden doors have a rim lock attached to a night latch and a deadlock lower down on the door. Like the UPVC  door the night latch automatically locks but can be relativity easily bypassed which is why you must also lock your deadlock.

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