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ITCC Locksmiths is a trusted family run business with over 10 years experience.We work with residents and businesses to bring you security and peace of mind.

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    • Door Opening
    • Lock Change / Replacement
    • Security Upgrading
    • UPVC Door Mechanism Repair
    • Insurance Inspection
    • Residential, Commercial & Insurance Work 
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    • Window Locks Repair / Replacement
  • Security Advice & Inspection 

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Locksmiths Newton Heath

ITCC Locksmiths in Newton Heath

ITCC Locksmith is a Trusted Family Run Locksmith Company with a team of Fully Qualified , Fully Insured & Fully Equipped. Our Locksmith Newton Heath and technicians can undertake any general locksmith job which includes, unlocking doors, replacing locks, installing new locks, repair UPVC mechanism, installing and changing window locks, increasing the security of a residential or commercial properties.

ITCC prides our-self on delivering a speedy and satisfactory service to all of our customers, regardless of the time and location of the job, we can usually reach any part of Greater Manchester within 30 Minutes of your initial call. ITCC Locksmiths in Newton Heath is a trusted and reputable company. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and to ensure this survives into the medium to long term we Guarantee All of Our Work For 12 Months, this includes all parts and labour. 

We are partnered with all major, manufactures, suppliers and distributors including ERA, Yale, Assa, Banham, SKS, Avocet, Union, Sterling, Duffels and many others to ensure we have all the needed equipment to complete the majority of jobs on the first visit.

Call: 01617300944

ITCC Security Advice for Newton Heath

Manchester is the second largest metropolitan area in the UK behind London, meaning it’s a center for crime, especially burglaries and theft which in the last 3 years has seen a steady rise.

Criminals usually gain access to a property using 5 techniques, these are as follows.

  1. Force – Breaking down your door.
  2. Bumping, Picking ,drilling and snapping the lock.
  3. Walking through an unlocked door or open window.
  4. Hooking – Burglars place a hook through the letter box of a door in order to turn the handle from inside.
  5. Door Popping – Inserting something thin between the door and door frame then pushing to literally pop open the door.

To beat the burglar we recommend the following..

      1. To overcome a brute force attack on your doors, we highly recommend fitting a London or Birmingham  to your door frames, this secures the frame to the wall helping to increase its force resistance considerable.
      2. To overcome bumping, drilling, picking and snapping we highly recommend you  have a high security lock fitted to your door which meets British Standard 3621 and is rated a 3 star lock. 3 Star, High Security locks such as ABS locks by Avocet, Banham and Yale superior  have been designed and built to withstand drilling, picking, bumping  and snapping using features such as anti drill pins, sacrificial sections, anti pick, trap pins etc etc.
      3. The best way to stop a burglar walking through an open door is to obviously lock the door when you leave your home or go to bed at night. To stop a burglar climbing though a window we recommend ensuring your windows have window restrictors fitted which prohibit the window from being opened enough for someone to climb through.
      4. Door popping and hooking is simple and easy to stop. Simply double locking your UPVC or wooden door.
      5. Just a little over 50% of homes which are burgled are unoccupied. Burglars are not too fond of breaking into an occupied home, that’s why its a good idea to make it look as if your home is occupied. this can be done with plug timers. Plug timers can be used to turn on and off lights, TV,s Radios etc to make it appear the home is occupied and thus making it a less enticing target.
      6. CCTV and home alarms systems are valuable security additions to your home, these may be more expensive but are proven to deter criminals.
      7. During holidays and birthday presents are often gifted. It’s a good idea not to leave packaging outside of your home as this give burglars an idea of what new valuables you have in your home.

How To Protect Your Garden, Shed & Garage

Gardens, sheds and garages  are often targeted by burglars as they are often easier to gain access to and can contain a number of valuable items such as bike, power and gardening tools, toys, bikes etc etc. Our locksmith has written a number of helpful tips to better protect your garden, garage and shed.

  1. Many thieves are merely opportunist and will steal whenever they see something valuable and have the opportunity to take it. That’s why we recommend covering the windows of with either plastic cloudy films or a curtain, this stops anyone from seeing their contents making them less of a target.
  2. Ensure your shed and garage are fitted with a standalone alarm. These stand alone systems which require a code to deactivate, if not deactivated on time the alarm will sound a high decibel siren.
  3. Garages can be forced open that’s why its a good idea to have a garage defender fitted to your garage door.
  4. Sheds doors should be protected by a high security padlock with an inbuilt tamper proof alarm which will sound if someone is trying to bypass the padlock.
  5. Ensure your garden is clean and tidy and all valuable items are stored in your home, shed or garage.
  6. Many garages have a doorway which enters the house. That’s why its a good idea to have a second line of defence just encase the worst was to happen and a burglar or another criminal was to gain access to your home. Ensure your internal garage door has a high security euro cylinder or 5 leaver deadlock fitted.


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