Master Key & Key Alike

ABS Master Key & Key Alike

Master key as the name implies is one ‘master’ key that opens different locks which all have their own individual key whereas Key Alike is one key which opens the same lock on different doors. They are both useful but choosing the right system for you will depend on your individual needs.

ITCC Locksmiths are official suppliers and installers of Avocet ABS® Locks and keys. We can install and cut ABS® (Avocet Break Secure) Master Key and ABS® Key Alike locks. We also  cut keys for the Avocet ABS keys at our main locksmith shop based in Bexley.

Master Key ABS ITCC locksmiths

ABS Master Key – Internals

Master Key

Using a master key system is extremely beneficial for business, large and small and for landlords too.

A landlord who has multiple properties for example will require that each property has its own specific key. Rather rather than the landlords themselves holding and trying to keep track of each set of keys, they can hold one master key which will in fact open all the properties locks. Large office will also benefit from the Master Key system.

Key Alike

Key Alike ABS Pioneer Lock ittcc locksmiths

ABS One Star Dual Colour

Keyed Alike locks are beneficial for both residential and commercial properties. This simplifies homes and buildings by having different locks that can be opened by the same key.

Patio doors and bi-folds can sometimes be installed with two sets of locks and 2 sets of keys. We can change these locks so that one key will open both doors.

The key alike system is also great for home owners who want one key to open two locks.  Both the front and back doors of their homes for instance. No more carrying around a huge bunch of keys!

Why choose Avocet ABS® Master Locks?

The ABS® Master locks have all the best security features we have come to expect from the Avocet brand of locks. They are anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-pick. If you want a high security lock, look no further.

ABS® (Avocet Break Secure) Master utilises Active Cam Technology. This means that if the lock is tampered with a hidden lock inside the solid Molybdenum core is engaged. This prevents entry which secures the lock against snapping attacks.

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