Master key lock system for home or office

ABS_Keys Cutting at ITCC LocksmithsDo the keys in your pockets weigh your trousers down? Or perhaps your handbag weighs a ton because of the jangling set of heavy keys that you’re carrying?

You’ll have a key for your front door, one for the back door, one for the garage, one for your patio windows, and perhaps extra keys for your sheds or gates.
Well, perhaps you’d like to think about a new concept that our friends at ABS have come up with: a one key house.
It does just what it says on the tin: every lock in your home can be operated with just the one key. This even applies to your sheds and gates!

Or, if you’re thinking about this system for your office you can go one step further: the master key holder can open all locks with one key whilst other key holders can have access to certain locks only. This more advanced system is called Master Keying.

Not all locksmiths are able to provide this new product from ABS; it’s only those who are registered Avocet suppliers. ITCC is one of these registered locksmiths, which is why, of course, we’re telling you about this new development.
It’s important to note, though, that the one-key house solution cannot be used on doors currently fitted with mortice locks. But it is possible to replace traditional mortice locks with additional euro cylinder sash and deadlocks. You just need to be aware that this will require extra work to be carried out by a professional locksmith. Head straight for ITCC, where Mike the locksmith and his team can help you out with the type of lock case that you will need.

Of course, there’s an additional advantage, because fitting the ABS one key solution from Avocet Hardware also improves your home security. As we’ve discussed elsewhere on this website, it means you’re also benefiting from the advantage of having the snap-secure lock for your doors, which is the most secure lock on the market. The British Standard, Sold Secure and Secured by Design accreditations and approvals make these locks the ultimate home security step.

Even better, with ABS you get total control of who has access to the keys for your property. When you get your ABS locks installed, you will get a key card with a unique key code for your locks. You then register your keys on the ABS corporate web site and you are then able to get your keys cut in the future by contacting the Elite key cutting centre at ITCC locksmiths. Only Elite centres like ITCC has access to the key security data, and they will ask you security questions that you have entered into your key registration form to ensure that only you, as the correct key holder, can get your keys cut.

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