Terms and Conditions

Locksmith Services Prices

Response time within 30 Minutes
24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service
Locksmith services covers both residential & commercial properties
Boarding up services for doors and windows also available

Callout Fee £45 – 

Unlocking Door

Prices start from £75 daytime hours

Night Time hours from £120 

Lock Repairs 

Prices Start from £70

New Installations of Locks

Prices start from £100

Security Locks and Cylinders

Rim Cylinders: from – £25.00 

Euro Cylinders: from  – £30.00 

Dead Locks: from – £65.00 

Sash Locks from – £65.00 

High Security Locks and Cylinders

Rim Cylinder from – £85.00

Euro Cylinder from – £95.00

Multi-Point Mechanisms

Multi Point Mechanism Case start from  – £120.00

Full Multi-point uPVC Mechanism start from – £180.00

Basic Handles start from – £80.00

Labour and parts may increase based on the complexity and level of security. The locksmith will inform only if some prices of the job are different from the prices stated on the website, any variation will be based on the complexity and level of security of the specific job.

Emergency Call Outs Starting From – £75

In some emergency cases such as life in danger, life in stress and jobs which require immediate completion which include but are not limited to fires, travel emergencies, children and the elderly locked in a property, emergency service matters, gas emergency , flooding any type of emergency which requires immediate action without delay, the price may not be revealed until after the job is completed.

Emergency Standby – £250

At times there is a situation that Technicians require to be in one or few locations on stand by . in that case the price is £250 + Vat per hour or part of ab hour.    


No returns on used products relating to any Locksmith job. 


You can cancel at anytime however you will be charged a call out fee if the locksmith arrives at the property before cancellation.

Response Time 

Response time is usually under 30 minutes, however it will vary, based on traffic conditions and external factors beyond our control.

Prices do not include VAT, If Applicable.

Usage Of Sub Contractors.

ITCC  locksmiths may use sub-contractors from time to time to cover busy periods and/or any overflow of work, as and when necessary. The terms and conditions to sub-contracting locksmith jobs/work is as follows:
  1. In the event that any locksmith work is accepted and performed by a sub-contractor, the invoice for the locks and work supplied will be generated by the sub-contractor and not by ITCC Locksmiths.
  2. Once a sub-contractor agrees to accept a locksmith job, all guarantees for the work and locks supplied, will be the responsibility of the sub-contractor.
  3. The customer should approach the sub-contractor first to resolve any subsequent issues with work carried out by the sub-contractor.
  4. ITCC Locksmiths will endeavour to resolve any disputes, if the customer remains unsatisfied with the resolution provided for, by the sub-contractor.



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