Protecting your Home and Stop your House being Burgled


Be honest

Do you always ensure that all your windows and doors are locked when you go to bed or leave the house?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reports that around 36% of all burglaries are crimes of opportunity and that generally burglars will let gain entry through doors or windows that have been left unlocked. This means that over a third of us are not even taking the simplest and most obvious precaution of all to protect our property. 

No wonder it only takes a burglar an average of two minutes to break into a house!

Since 1995, the number of burglaries in the UK has fallen by 60%, however don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. If you don’t want to end up as a crime statistic, it pays to put a few simple safeguards in place.

Stop your house being burgled today!

In order to help prevent you from becoming a victim of burglary, the  Home Office suggests the following tips:

• Secure you external doors and windows by fitting  good, strong locks

• Never leave keys in locks. Keep them away from the door in safe placeLewisham LOCKSMITH in SE13

• Fit sturdy deadlocks (British Standard BS3621) to all doors

• Ensure that your window and door frames are in good condition. If your front door is wooden, check that is a minimum of 44mm thick

• Consider marking your valuables. Property that has been marked helps police to identify it if its been stolen.

• Fit your front door with a chain or bar and a door viewer (spy-hole), and then remember to use them

• Never leave a spare key under a doormat, in a flowerpot or behind a loose brick. If you thought of it, a thief is likely to think of it too!

• If you are going out for the evening, remember to leave a light on and close the curtains.

• Install security lights and or sensors to the front and back of your property. Well let properties that can easily be seen by other people may make a burglar thing twice.

• Burglars sometimes use tools and ladders that belong the the home owner to gain entry into properties so keep yours securely locked up.  

Look at your house from a burglars point of view, if you see any insecure areas fix them immediately. 

Is there a way round to the back of the property, for instance?

It pays to install a sturdy fence and gate to the side of the house, to prevent intruders from sneaking round the back. Make sure you fit a sturdy, integral key-operated lock or a good quality padlock on the gate, buying from a locksmiths to ensure that you get a guaranteed, reliable product.

Do you have security lighting near your external doors and close to any accessible roofs? Make sure they actually work – it’s no use having lights fitted if they never come on!

Talk to us about movement sensor lights, which are triggered by someone walking towards the house when it’s dark. Or consider our range of light sensors, which will automatically come on at dusk and stay on until dawn.

Think, too, about an alarm system. The external sounder should be visible from the street so that potential burglars know that the house is protected. Don’t bother fitting a dummy box – burglars will know if it’s a fake!

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